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Each Quiz type comes with its very own demo data for helping you with the initial setup. Importing demo data is as easy as clicking a button. Each quiz type has options for adding text, videos, or images. You can use any combination of these to create a unique click that your visitors will instantly like.

You just simply have to add the Image Credit because the option is built in and extremely easy to use. You can have the entire quiz on a single page or stretch is across multiple pages if there are too many questions.

Can you pick the correct description for each of the following emoji combinations depicting idioms?

A traditional skin is included if you like that style with more skins coming soon. There is a restart option for questions if a user feels like taking the quiz again. Social media buttons are built in to make it very easy for visitors to share quiz results with their friends on social media. You can enable the Quiz to scroll automatically to the next question. This makes it extremely easy for visitors to fill out a lot of questions in a short span of time.

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Permutation and Combination

A progress bar is displayed for your visitors to help them know their Quiz status. You can change the color of the progress bar. To make the questions and the quiz pop out, we have included six animation effects. These unique effects contribute to making the layout eye-catchy.

You can manually place the quiz inside any other post using the built in shortcodes. This option allows you to show the quiz inside sidebars as well. If you like this plugin, then please consider leaving a feedback. WP Quiz will work with any WordPress theme out there. If you are facing any issue while using, please contact us and we will help you resolve it. Yes, WP Quiz offers one-click demo import data.

Pics & Words - Guess the Word! Entertainment Level 1-20 Answers

If all else fails, please raise a support ticket and we will make sure to help you asap. You can even save the quiz as a draft, and the plugin will generate a Shortcode, which you can use in your regular articles or anywhere where a Shortcode is supported. The following people have contributed to this plugin. Thank you to the translators for their contributions. NOTE: This is the major release, please take backup of your database before updating the plugin.

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View support forum. Skip to content WordPress. Description Nothing is quite so sharable as a good quiz. Feedback If you like this plugin, then please consider leaving a feedback.

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Installation This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working. FAQ How many quizzes can I create using the plugin? You can create unlimited quizzes. There are no limitations on that. Take the toughest quiz ever. Published: 1 Oct The quiz Which entertainment features babyfaces and heels?


BBC Words and Pictures: long vowel sounds - sandcastle quiz

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