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When young Frank loses his clerk job to a returning Boer War veteran, the Boltons' last good reason for staying where they are is gone with it. They follow the lead of Reverend Isaac Barr, whose stated mission it is to create an exclusively British colony in the new world. In lively language and crystal-clear detail, Anne Patton recreates the Boltons' farewell to friends and family, their journey across the Atlantic in a ship packed with other emigrants on the Barr Colony mission and their journey by train from the Maritimes to the Canadian prairie.

Based on interviews with the original Dorothy Bolton, Full Steam to Canada is a novel, but it absolutely is a true story. Not an Easy Decision.

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The Family Way. A Long Way to Canada. Dorothy and her family leave England en route to the Barr Colony in Saskatchewan in Dorothy and her family are headed out across the prairies to establish a new settlement.

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After numerous adventures they eventually settle in the area surrounding the town of present-day Lloydminster, named after the man leading their community, The Reverend Mr Lloyd. All of this is told through the eyes of 10 year old Dorothy Bolton.


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Young readers get to follow Dorothy and her new friends as she travels with her family across the Atlantic and across Canada to start a new life on the prairies. The historical context in which this book is written will take the reader back in time. Young readers…. It is a good read for young people and adults as well. The language of the story is simple with the words written as the people would talk in such situations.