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Going Home : The Mystery of Animal Migration by Marianne Berkes (2010, Paperback)

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Animal Migration: Resources (Science Trek: Idaho Public Television)

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  5. Two years later it was caught again at Ascension Island, and recognized because it had been branded. So how did it manage to return? Captain James Cook met him in on his first great voyage of exploration, and invited him to travel on board the Endeavour.

    Going Home, The Mystery of Animal Migration

    During a journey of over 6, miles [ What is the explanation for these remarkable abilities? Some we are beginning to understand; some mystify us; and there may be some that depend on abilities we have not yet suspected. Thus, when a young cuckoo sets off from England towards Africa, it draws upon a collective memory of its ancestors. This memory, inherent in the morphic field of its migratory path, guides it as it goes, giving it landmarks, feeding grounds and resting places.

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    This collective memory also enables it to recognize when it has arrived at its destination. All the knowledge of past individuals of a group of animals goes into a collective mind which processes the information and makes it available to all present and future animals of that group.

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    Butterflies are a case in point. On arrival, they reproduce immediately and it is this second generation that will make the return journey to Africa in autumn. In other words, it is not the same butterflies that fly back, but new ones which have not travelled the route before, but nevertheless know the way. The study of these and other marvels of nature including the nature of the human being can make us more aware that natural processes are far from purely mechanical, automatic and wholly explicable by a materialistic view of life which likes to see everything in the most prosaic terms.

    There are mysteries in nature, phenomena that cannot be wholly explained by reductionist science.

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    This is not to say that they have no explanation, or that they cannot be understood; but sometimes the more appropriate vehicle of understanding is the intuitive mind. Now I also admire their strength and their persistence. They were so majestic, graceful and had such a dash about them that I felt privileged to be with them. Projecting his own feelings, the materialist might say, but why not?

    Man is part of nature and nature is part of us. We and the swallows are one.