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I live in Berlin, Germany, a city that is extremely dog-friendly.

When Your Partner Hates Your Dog: Addressing Disputes Over Pets

Dogs are allowed to accompany their owners on trains and buses with a ticket and muzzle , and there are plentiful green spaces with dog runs. There are plenty of dog-training schools hundeschule in the city to ensure that meals and meetings alike go uninterrupted by barks or bites. Those walking breaks often help to clear my head and fuel inspiration. Plus, bringing your dog to work can actually have beneficial effects on your mind. A study showed that stress levels declined by the end of the day for employees who had brought their dogs to work.

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Conversely, rising stress levels were indicated for the same people when their dogs were not brought into work. But the benefits go beyond just the dog-owners. And in this particular case, dogs accompanied the mail cart and senior management as they walked through the office, contributing to a more relaxed atmosphere.

So dogs help you make a few friends around the office—does that matter? Turns out, it does. The University of Tel Aviv published such findings, according to their study which followed over employees for two decades, analyzing the correlation between decreased mortality and peer support at work. How long have you been in Chicago? What drew you here initially and why have you stayed? I came to Chicago in to study dance at Columbia College Chicago.

After I graduated college, I lived abroad in Italy for two-and-a-half years studying history, fashion, and Business English.

Caregiver Burden in a Client

When I decided to move back to the states, I knew that Chicago had more opportunities to continue developing Tweaked Style than my small hometown of New Hampshire. What was the hunt for your current apartment like? I knew I had to find a building that welcomed dogs. A huge must have is natural light. How did you settle on your current neighborhood?

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I lived in several neighborhoods in Chicago, including downtown touristy neighborhoods like River North and South Loop. Being a New Englander, I missed a slower residential community and ventured north of the city where I fell in love with the quaint Boston-like side streets in Lakeview. I also love having Lake Michigan a few steps out my door and cafes a 3-minute walk away. How would you describe your decor style? I love mixing styles in a smart balanced way. The world is such a chaotic, tough place so I wanted my home to feel peaceful and light.

My home has a mix of modern, edgy, feminine, and a touch of California style. I always have fresh flowers around as a reminder of growing up in beautiful New England. What was the design process like? Tell us about your approach. Did you do one room at a time, invest in staple items first, etc.? I first committed to the color scheme, look, and feel. I bought what I call foundation items first — the bigger anchor furniture pieces to set the layout for the space i. Then I added layers of accent furniture like side tables, lamps, a bar cart, and chairs. Where do you find design inspiration?

Are there any particular blogs, magazines, or sites that you look to often? I have followed The Everygirl since it first launched. My favorite TE posts have been the home tours found on Pinterest. Instagram has been my new Pinterest over the last year. I never buy anything but take a ton of notes for trends, brand experience, and design concepts. How did you stick to a budget for decor and furnishings?

20 Simple Ways to Spend More Time with Your Dog

What tips do you have for someone else looking to decorate on a budget? I get a thrill out of making something beautiful from what many think is nothing. I find most of my pieces at thrift stores like the Brown Elephant and online discount sites like Wayfair and Amazon. Growing up without a lot, I learned to be resourceful. My creativity helped me make the most out of what I had.

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  4. I recommend splurging on larger items that you use a lot and want to last a long time like a sofa or bed. Resisting the urge to buy every home accessory at designer stores like Jonathan Adler or West Elm has also helped me stick to a budget. Accessories can add up fast and only fill a small space on a shelf.

    Making my own art has also allowed me more room in my budget. And of course, hire a professional stylist to tweak your space with what you have first.

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    If so, how did you justify the splurge? My old sofa was more of a college dorm futon that was great when my dog was a puppy, but it had a five-minute limit of comfort. My living room sofa and chair pieces were a big step in upgrading my space. The rewards were well worth the money.

    follow url The artwork. Most of my artwork in my home I created. I like knowing that the art is an expression of how I want to feel in my space. Where do you see yourself in five years? Five years seems so far away from now, but the one thing I would love to be doing more of is inspiring people to be resilient leaders in their businesses and lives. I hope to travel, share my resiliency story, and give talks on how style and strategy can help and inspire people to succeed.

    What advice would you give your year-old self?