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Irving, who just scored 30 points against the Lakers, took a question about what Horford referred to as an opportunity to give himself even more credit for the team playing well instead of shooting the praise right back. Irving said he spent part of the flight "helping Brad" figure out how to coach.

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Bottom line: Irving, to put it lightly, did not respond well to this line of questioning because internet conspiracy theorists thought the two were definitely having a conversation about free agency and possibly playing together. Things devolved quickly, with Irving repeatedly asking "who?

Why: Kyrie Irving was making an appearance on J. Bottom line: How, exactly, did Irving get to the point where he was talking about being spiritually connected to Nikola Tesla, a legendary inventor? Of course he is. And his knowledge has been gleaned mostly from YouTube videos.

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Like Tesla. My light Brothers and Sisters! The age of No More Secrets is upon us. World Peace will be achieved in our life time and we better Effin believe it! That genuine love and energy spreads all over the world. Eye see all. I AM". Why: After the Celtics went down to the Milwaukee Bucks in the NBA playoffs, Kyrie Irving faced an onslaught of questions about his poor play — mainly going 7-of shooting at home in the Game 4 loss.

Bottom line: Irving got things off to a rousing start with the first two words out of his mouth after being asked about shooting so poorly in the game, and the series as a whole: "Who cares? And capped it off with the coup-de-grace quote about what a great shooter he is. It comes down to where you fall on the spectrum of what chemicals go into steaks before they hit your dinner table. He very well might be. Why: Kyrie Irving was finishing up interviews following a loss to the Knicks when a reporter wished him a Happy Thanksgiving and got a fiery response.

And he fumbled this one. Why: Kyrie Irving was doing postgame interviews following a loss to the New York Knicks when he was asked by a reporter how he felt about playing on Christmas day , which the Celtics were scheduled to do that year.

Kyrie Irving Could Be A Perfect Fit In Utah

Question everything you think you know about seeing pictures and videos of Earth from outer space, dating back to the first picture taken in from a rocket launched from the White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico. Did you ever think one of them was fake? Did you ever think maybe you were being sold a fake bill of goods by every history and science teacher you ever had, your entire life?

Ball in hand and a bucket in mind, Kyrie Irving breaks down the defense using his arsenal of moves.

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  • The Kyrie 5 turbocharges his fast, all-angle attack with new cushioning technology that aligns with the curved shape of the outsole. This product is currently sold out. Back to Home. Enter your raffle code:. For all but a few rare individuals, this is impossible. Again, I will demo this. So, what's the deal? You should totally try this yourself before making someone else do it. But why can't I pick up the ball while standing against the wall? Let's start with the pick-up without the wall. Look at it again. Notice that as I lean over and pick up the ball, my rear end butt moves back.

    By moving my rear back, my center of mass stays over my feet and I don't fall over.

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    Now look at the case against the wall. With the wall right behind me, my butt can't move back. As I lean over and pick up the ball, my center of mass starts to move forward past the front of my toes. If I didn't move one of my feet forward, I would fall. But like I said, there are a few rare humans who somehow manage to pick up the ball without falling over. They are probably mutants. Here's another simple center of mass demo—the hanging mobile.

    You can find them in all sorts of places and you can make one yourself. Here's one I made with some materials in the physics lab. It's a physics hanging mobile. The key to making a mobile is to hang each piece from the center of mass for that piece.

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    Let's take a rigid bar or stick with two different masses on the end. Since the stick is both stationary and non-rotating, both the total force and the total torque must be zero. Here is a diagram.

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    • Notice that the mass on the left is larger and has a greater gravitational force pulling down. If I pick the point to calculate the torque as the location of the string pulling up, then this string must be closer to that mass such that it produces the same torque as the smaller force from mass 2. Oh, and the stick itself has a gravitational force pulling at the center. Really, this whole piece can be treated as just one point mass at the location of the string.

      Now when I hang this from another stick, all these masses are just like one single mass with regards to the same calculation for the next stick. You can keep adding more and more layers until you run out of things to add. I'm not sure of the actual name of the toy, but I call it a balancing bird. It's basically a small plastic bird with its wing spread out.

      If you place the bird's beak on some small object, it will balance. It balances in a way that makes it look impossible, but it's not impossible—it's just physics.

      When Kyrie Irving Reached His PEAK! VERY BEST Career Highlights & Plays with the Cavaliers!

      The best way to understand this balance bird is to build one yourself. It's not hard. You can do it with a bit of stiff wire and some small weights I use hex nuts. This is what it looks like. It looks cooler in real life. But how does it work? The mass of the wire is pretty low compared to the two hex nuts. Also, you can bend the wire so that the two nuts are slightly lower than the balance point. The result is a center of mass for the whole "bird" that is directly below the point where the wire touches the support.

      A Data Driven Analysis of the Kemba-Kyrie “swap”

      Now we have a situation in which the center of mass is below a support. In just about ever case, this makes a super stable situation. It is essentially the same as hanging a mass from a string. If the center of mass moves so that it is no longer directly under the support, the object will just swing until it is again under the support. It looks cool too.

      Here is another variation of the same thing as the balance bird. Take a hammer, a ruler, and a string. If you put it together in a particular way, you can make something that looks impossible. Here is the result. Hopefully it should be clear that the center of mass for the hammer plus ruler is directly below the support point. But why does the hammer stay connected to the ruler? If you think of the forces acting on just the hammer, there is the gravitational force pulling down, the string pushing up and the contact point with the ruler pushing down.

      In a sense, this is the exact same situation as the case with the two fingers holding the pencil see above. But again, it looks super cool. Most people do this with the ruler sitting on the edge of a table—I used this rod support so you can see what's going on a little better. Suppose you have some irregularly shape object. How can you find the center of mass? There is one method that involves hanging it from different points.

      Let's start with a simple cardboard shape that I cut out. You can make one too—just make some silly shape. Next hang the shape from a point on the edge of the shape. The center of mass will have to be somewhere directly below this hanging point. Maybe you should draw a vertical line from the hanging point straight down.

      Now hang it from another point. Repeat this as many times as you like.