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Other nations may deem their flags the best And cheer them with fervid elation, But the flag of the North and South and West Is the flag of flags, the flag of Freedom's nation. Let eagle shriek from lofty peak, The neverending watchword of our land.

THE STARS AND STRIPES FOREVER John Philip Sousa words lyrics popular patriotic songs sing-along

Let summer breeze waft through the trees The echo of the chorus grand. The blue is the hue of the sky Where on high the Almighty falters never. Our banner for two hundred years!

Oh pioneers! Here's to the stars and stripes forever!

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Lyrics: www. They will print in black ink with no images. This gentle parody, widely known to children and existing in many variations, was sung this way at the end of every episode of the popular s TV series "Sing Along with Mitch.

John Daversa Big Band - Stars and Stripes Forever Lyrics

Be kind to your web-footed friends For a duck may be somebody's mother Be kind to your friends in the swamp Where the weather is very, very damp [pronounced to rhyme with "swamp"] Now, you may think that this is the end This was the way things were a hundred years ago when John Philip Sousa and his band introduced "Stars and Stripes Forever.

The story of this famous march reads like a tale of fiction, but, from all accounts, it is true.

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Always fond of travel, Sousa had taken his family to Europe on a vacation in the fall of Since this was the era before air travel, such trips took months. While in Italy, Sousa received the sad news that his close friend and manager, David Blakely, had died. Sousa immediately booked the next ship back to America.

Sings Stars and Stripes Forever and Other Favorite Marches (1973)

As the ship left the dock, Sousa said that the sound of a band filled his head. Throughout the voyage, the band continued to play to him in his thoughts, gradually revealing more of the music.

ceskovimelo.cf He never wrote down a note until he arrived in New York.