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He is No one knows your middle name. You call the Cleves Police Department. It's a different Brandon, of course. But first, you suspected identity theft. What if someone stole my license," year-old Brandon Glacken of Cleves told me. Your roommate's mom called her son.

Westmoreland County Woman Wrongly Jailed, Assaulted Behind Bars In Case Of Mistaken Identity

If you're from Cleves, you probably know the Glackens. Big West Side Catholic family. They roll 23 deep these days if you include the 13 grandchildren. The self-proclaimed "mama bear" could not rest.

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The family's good name was being sullied. In the end, many fret, whether you are in New York, Rome, Beijing or Mumbai you will buy the same pair of jeans in the same shopping mall, drink the same overpriced latte in the same coffee shop, and watch the same dreary Hollywood blockbuster. Local culture will be no more.

Man has life support cut off after being mistaken for someone else

It is the very idea of local culture. A notion that originated in late-eighteenth century Europe, in the Romantic backlash against the Enlightenment, today has the whole world in its grip. Every island in the Pacific, every tribe in the Amazon, has its own culture that it wants to defend against the depredation of Western cultural imperialism.

You do not even have to be human to possess a culture.

Primatologists tell us that different groups of chimpanzees each have their own culture. No doubt some chimp will soon complain that its traditions are disappearing under the steamroller of human cultural imperialism. And indeed we are. The celebration of difference, respect for pluralism, avowal of identity politics — these have come to be regarded as the hallmarks of a progressive, anti-racist outlook and as the foundation of modern liberal democracies.

Mistaken Identity – Lisa Scottoline

If we want to treat individuals with dignity and respect we must also treat with dignity and respect the groups that furnish them with their sense of personal being. We cannot, in other words, treat individuals equally unless groups are also treated equally. One expression of such equal treatment is the growing tendency in some Western nations for religious law — such as the Jewish halakha and the Islamic sharia — to take precedence over national secular law in civil, and occasionally criminal, cases. These people have been carrying out their law for thousands of years. For nineteenth-century social Darwinists, morality — how we ought to behave — derived from the facts of nature — how humans are.

This became an argument to justify capitalist exploitation, colonial oppression, racial savagery and even genocide. Today, virtually everyone recognises the falsity of this argument. Part of the problem here is a constant slippage in multiculturalism talk between the idea of humans as culture-bearing creatures and the idea that humans have to bear a particular culture.

Eritrean man released from jail in Italian mistaken identity case

Clearly no human can live outside of culture. But then no human does. To say that no human can live outside of culture, however, is not to say they have to live inside a particular one. To view humans as culture-bearing is to view them as social beings, and hence as transformative beings. It suggests that humans have the capacity for change, for progress and for the creation of universal moral and political forms through reason and dialogue.

We have detectives looking into every aspect of this incident - from the incident response to the circumstances leading to the hospitalization and the notification of family members. Details to follow as we learn more.

Mistaken Identity

Murphy contributed to this report. Chat with us in Facebook Messenger. Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds. He was a stranger. More Videos Family thought they took brother off life support. He was a stranger A wrongful death lawsuit accuses the hospital and city of being negligent and inflicting intentional emotional distress on the two families by failing to properly identify the patient. Mercy Hospital declined to comment on Thursday. A spokesperson for the City of Chicago and Chicago police did not immediately respond to a request for a comment.

Lives of families intertwined in homeless men's burial mix-up.