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Ruby and Othella experiment with neighborhood boys and Ruby soon gets pregnant. Othella and her mother persuade her to give the baby up at birth, and doing so haunts Ruby forever. Ruby and Othella then flee small town life only to become prostitutes in New Orleans and take part in a killing.

Though readers new to the series will have to accept the dialect, ever-present threat of violence, and explicit sex scenes, they'll appreciate the compelling period and the unapologetic characters. Familiarity with The Upper Room smoothes the way. Download and Read books on your home computer, iPod, iPad, Blackberry, or other mobile devices for free.

About Author Mary Monroe. Mary Monroe is the third child of Alabama sharecroppers and the first and only member of her family to finish high school. She did not attend college or any writing classes, but taught herself how to write and started writing short stories around the age of four.

She spent the first part of her life in Alabama and Ohio, and moved to Richmond, California, in She has lived in Oakland since Her first novel, The Upper Room , was published by St. It was published in October , by Kensington Books. Mary is divorced, loves to travel, loves to mingle with other authors, and she'll read anything by Ernest Gaines, Stephen King, Alice Walker, and James Patterson. She still writes seven days a week and gets most of her ideas from current events, and the people around her, but most of her material is autobiographical.

The book was already on the production calendar. At that point I should have been well on my way to scripting her life. My narrative was slow-going because of Pill. I had to admit, I created her, but I did not know her. I like to think I have characterization down. I get involved in my characters lives. Sometimes I am a parent that nurtures. Other times I am in the bushes stalking them. More than anything, I am a slave at their mercy. I like it that way, an O short of loony.

They speak to me and I write it all down eventually. I do everything but assign them a social security number. This time there was a hold out in my program- Pill. This chick was illusive. I would write a chapter, or more like a fraction of the chapter, and hit a bump in the road. But, I was doing this incessantly. I was going to the beginning, page one, paragraph one.

Instead of laying a trail, I was trying to find a trail, a pattern of behavior, waiting for this Queen Diva to speak. Why, why, why, why why? She was not dishing. Why does she do the things she does? Why is she a certain way toward her husband? Is she devious or delusional? Although I had a hard time answering all of their inquiries; that last one got me though. Is she a protagonist or antagonist? This was my chance to play God, or more like the 3rd person omniscient narrator.

I was supposed to know more than the characters. Pill was punking me, making me look dumb in front of my fellow writers. So, I did like any sell-respecting author would do. I asked her outside. Sounds loony, I know like I bought a vowel for that last O. It was worth a try. I had tried this exercise before some ten years ago when I was writing Soon and Very Soon.

It worked then. Why not now? So I got quiet. I visualized the diva. She was covering up her flaws and secrets with a flashy wardrobe and a nasty attitude. It was all smoke and mirrors for what was really going on inside. I think the key to tapping into this character was returning to the pen and pad to record these responses rather than the keyboard. It was almost as if she or the inner me felt threatened to perform or felt the need to hide in the midst of the narrative.

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The fresh lined paper gave her permission to be less polished, This is far from a sketch, but a ramble of consciousness. She was free to repeat herself as much as she wanted to. She could tell her truth. You not only take down details, but you discover nuances. I heard the cadence and intonation of her voice. I could re-direct her with another question before she began to clam up or at least until I could figure out her hang ups. She showed her true colors. It was a safe space for her and I honored that. This was indeed therapy.

Now, I can go back to my story, already in progress, and carry a little bit of her with me each time. I shade in the picture I began to draw because I have a full palette. Pill is more than someone I merely recognize. She is someone I know. Taylor-Made by Sherryle Kiser Jackson A young couple is forced to face their past through the mirror of marriage. She lives in Maryland with her husband and two children. Pamela "Pill" Jones has more than baggage; she has a whole storage unit. Partially raised by her older sister, she is accustomed to struggling to survive by any means necessary.

Pill has vowed to always have the best. Priding herself on being a fashionista and living the life of a commercially successful hairstylist, Pill has just one problem: money runs through her hands like water through a sieve. When she taps out her bank account, Pill is forced to realize there are some things the makeup at the MAC counter can't cover, and some burdens her Dooney and Burke bag can't carry. Living in the shadow of his cousin, Pill's husband of six months, Corey, is trying to forge his own identity with a spiritual foundation.

After falling head over heels with the very sexy and self-confident Pill, Corey finds that his treasure of a wife comes with a promissory note. During the course of the Marriage Maintenance class at their church, Corey finds there is no end to their relationship issues.

He hopes through prayer and devotion that they can find the source of their own individual pain, so they can heal together. With Pill and Corey, keeping up with the Joneses means chasing after their own desires on the raw fuel of their convictions.

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Excerpt: Chapter 1 Pamela Jones Taylor was looking at a pitiful sight nestled in her lap. When she realized she wasn't moving she turned her attention back to the road. She crept toward the exit of the Suburban Banking and Trust lot. A drizzle was dampening the sign of a homeless man at the corner.

It read, Hungary, please help. God Bless. The misspelling was compounding the effect of the man's hopelessness. Three more luxury cars whizzed by her before a soccer mom in a stereotypical minivan, distracted and obviously yelling at several kids, allowed her access to the main road where she sat with the rest of the speed demons at the red light. The homeless guy could hardly be seen for the Korean man with a pail of roses working the same corner. The homeless man, a wiry dark-skinned man of fifty-something with few personal effects confined to a small duffel bag did have a rain poncho.

It was the thin, clear plastic kind with a hood that anyone can buy from the dollar store that made them feel as if they were wearing a plastic bag. Pam remembered being forced to go into a corner store by her older sister to buy one of those cheap shields herself years ago when she was crowned homecoming queen in her senior year of high school. She remembered how embarrassed she felt encased in plastic like a couch in her Aunt Agnes' living room. She played it off by telling people that she still wanted her outfit to be seen through the transparent shield.

Other girls in her homecoming court in anticipation of the rainy forecast went out and bought matching umbrellas and the pink polka dot rain slickers that were high-priced and in style then. In her Cosmopolitan dreams, she would have done one better and gotten the complimentary designer boots. In reality though, her sister informed her that her homecoming attire was already a luxury they could not afford. Once again she was painfully aware that there was a wide gap between the have and the have nots. The latter was the story of their life with their momma.

She decided then that she would not only be among the ones who have, but that she would have it all. The memory made her sneer at the homeless man as he inched his way toward her car holding his sign at her car window. He had nothing coming. She put her hand up for added emphasis. She had her own problems. She flipped open her pink metallic razor cell phone and adjusted the ear piece. The round knob would not fit comfortably in her ear. She needed a Bluetooth in her life, like the girls at work. She also had her eye on the new iPhones with a built in Mp3 player and touch screen for texting, like Carmen's, the salon owner she worked for.

Switching phones meant switching payment plans and since she was now married it would be something else she would have to negotiate with her husband, Corey. She decided to call Corey and engage him in a little game of bait and catch. He was a ground deliveryman for UPS which made his cell phone his mobile office and made his talk time limited. When they first got married six months ago, she had to get use to their brief check -in calls at least once a day. She figured today it would give her opportunity to gage his mood.

I was wondering do you need anything? Isn't that what they tell us in Marriage Maintenance Class? She could admit that she could be moody at times, add that to her confidence that some would mistake for arrogance and refer to her as 'a trip. Tyler, her third grade teacher, trying her best to censor her comments about Pamela's behavior simply wrote in the comment section of her report card, Pamela is quite a pill.

Her outburst and overall off-task behavior is a little hard to swallow. The name stuck. She would put her own spin on it when having to explain the sometimes embarrassing nickname by saying, "Whether bitter or sweet, I'm good for ya. Like Corey, they soon switched off and used her nickname once they had ingested a taste of the Pill.

Don't go spending any money," Corey said. Apparently she already had spent lots of money and just didn't remember. Shopping gave Pill a high. Sometimes it was as if Pill blacked out after a shopping binge much like an alcoholic that had too much to drink.


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She couldn't remember what she had bought, especially when trying to hide her purchases from Corey. He had asked her time and time again to write stuff down particularly when the money for those purchases came out of their joint account. In her mind that kind of documentation provided evidence to her husband about her spending that could easily go under the radar.

Accounting for every belt, hat, purse, jacket and pocketbook to a man is what she refused to do. Although, I don't know what a 65 year old needs with a fur coat. I didn't look at the ATM receipt for a balance, but I know there should be enough left in the account," Corey said. Pill almost expelled a sigh of relief into the phone. She was so glad she hadn't tampered with the money for her mother-in-law's gift. Corey told her over a month ago that the two of them would go in with his dad and his only sibling, Danielle, to buy a mink jacket for their mother to show off in when she wore it to church.

There was never any denying that Pam was not her mother-in-laws's choice for Corey. Pill didn't know what she had done to the woman, but the air of distrust was immediately apparent upon meeting her. She assumed it was just game recognizing game. Jones was spoiled by Corey's father and everyone else in the family. Obviously she didn't want Pill to be the recipient of any generosity Corey may have inherited. Pill would have never been able to live it down if Corey's mother couldn't get her precious mink because they didn't have their share of the money.

In this case, Pill happened to agree with her mother-in-law's fashion sense. A mink coat meant she truly had it going on. Jet Black, she thought, Corey and Danny better had gotten her a black mink that would absolutely sizzle with her salt and pepper hair. Pill dreamed about flossin' in her own mink coat one day, but for now she would settle for a short chinchilla coat with the matching headband. Recollection of where some of the money went hit her like a thunderbolt.

She could see eighty dollars change hands between her and Ahmad, the resident hustle man at Carmen's Epic Beauty salon. He came in the shop twice a month with two large storage tubs and a rickety clothing rack filled with trendy apparel still tagged and on hangers that, "just came in. While her fellow stylists were devouring Baby Phat knock-offs, Pam spotted a camel colored sheerling poncho with the matching alpine boots. It wasn't out for public display, but she had to have it.

She remembered the supermodel, Gasselle wearing a similar poncho while riding a white stallion in an ad in the latest issue of Cosmo. Although she knew Ahmad's version wasn't designer, her knock off was definitely better than her co-worker's knockoffs. She went into acquisition mode. She waited until Ahmad went to the back to question him about his hidden stash.

He explained that he had promised the ensemble to his lady friend, but assured her that he could get her one when his cousin went back to New York's garment district. It was a lay-a-way of sorts, which was not their normal way of doing business. His policy when selling was cash-and-carry, and hers when purchasing was cash-on-delivery. She had made an exception that day as she dashed to the ATM, ordering the shampoo girl to put a heat activated conditioner in her next client's hair and set her under a blow dryer to stall for time.

She figured since he was going to New York, he might find a pair of Seven jeans she had been wanting. If Carmen wanted her money on time, she had to stop the vendors from soliciting in her shop, Pill reasoned. The cycle he was referring to was their bare bones budget that delineates his first check of the month for the mortgage on their three bedroom townhouse and her earnings going to the other bills.

They used his second check to pay the lease on her new Honda Accord and pay insurance, which included a policy on his Corolla that had been paid off long ago. They locked into this schedule during the last month of their marriage prep class and agreed to revisit it.

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Once a month they attended the Marriage Maintenance class for newlywed couples at church that focused on the emotional, physical and financial side of their relationship now that they have taken the plunge into matrimony. I gotta go. See you later," Corey said. Good-byes were not necessary.

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Money from Rosetta's weave that she did on Saturday would give her a quarter of her monthly booth fee, but subtract from her bill money. She did at least call in the digits from her debit card to pay the gas and electric on Monday. Corey had warned her against debiting the account as opposed to taking the money directly to source or mailing it out on time.

Gosh, she should write this stuff down. Pill laid her hand on the horn to join in with those cars in front of her showing their displeasure at an eighteen wheeler who was unsuccessful at making a u-turn and was blocking their lanes when the light turned green. Now she would be late for the staff meeting at the salon on top of being late with her booth rental. The rain hadn't let up and there she sat. The rose man had long since taken cover, leaving the homeless guy with a now drenched cardboard sign in position at the base of the intersection. Pill looked down in her lap.

She was indeed witnessing a pitiful sight. Book excerpt reprinted by permission of the author. Do not reproduce, copy or use without the author's written permission. Copyright infringement is a serious offence. This excerpt is used for promotional purposes only. Share a link to this page or the author's website if you really like this sneak peek. Marian L. Thomas , reared in Chicago but lives with her biggest supporter—her husband and their spoiled but playful dog, Winston, in Atlanta, Georgia.

She is a loyal supporter of victims of abuse and has been featured in the Atlanta Skirt! Marian was recently featured by 11Alivenews. She first awakened her desire to write while in her second year of high school. She began her writing debut as a Sports Editor and as a News Editor for a local Atlanta college paper. In , the dream of becoming a published author was realized when she was able to publish her first title Color Me Jazzmyne.

Her debut title, Color Me Jazzmyne , went on to become an Amazon bestseller. Using the analogy of a crayon box to describe the struggles and journeys of women, has become her literary trademark. Readers have been captivated by her emotional appeal and her flare for reality that continues to be weaved within the pages of her books.

Both books dig deep into what it takes for women to embrace who they are no matter what size, color, educational background or social status. Sisters will learn to love themselves despite what society says or the voices that surround them! Join top-selling author Marian L.

Here readers can read about her books, watch book trailers, read reviews, and view her author's media kit. Book clubs can also schedule a personal visit from the website or contact her via at email: larrita lbpublishingco. Color Me Jazzmyne by Marian L. Thomas, available at Amazon. Thomas Online Email: larrita lbpublishingco. B Publishing Skype for Bookclub Chats: Excerpt from My Father's Colors. Color Me Jazzmyne Book Excerpt, go here. Read Chapters and give us your opinion. Thomas, L. I'm telling you to express yourself.

Using a tape recorder will give you the ability to capture your feelings when you are, in fact, having them instead of keeping them bottled up inside. Naya left her doctor's office that day, knowing that she would never return. Two months later, however, she found herself struggling to take her doctor's advice. I'm expressing myself so you had better listen. That fairytale stopped at the tender age of thirteen. I'm still trying to get back to that moment, back to the time when his touch was innocent.

Unfortunately, this economic crisis is not going away anytime soon. If college students can become more resilient in this crisis, they will ensure themselves of a better future. About Dr. Daryl Green Dr. Daryl Green provides motivation, guidance, and training for leaders. For media interviews or speaking engagements, please contact Mrs.

Donna Gilliard at or donna comcast. Green at www. Not everyone has the opportunity to realize a dream and I feel totally blessed to be in that number. Everyone is not going to love or even like your novels. Everyone, their mother and cousins will want to point out any editorial errors they may find within the pages of your books. I believe there are elements of writing that comes naturally, just like breathing. Everyone thinks they can write a book. Everyone thinks their life story should be a book.

Talent will only get you so far. Every fiction novel has some element s of truth. Writing is a business. Sales are the bottom line. Writing is a lonely and hard business to be successful in. Every author should pen at least one book that gives back to the universe in a positive, appealing manner to the masses. You have to have a real love affair with the beauty and power of words in order to stick with it because the industry, like a lover, will take you through ups and down and sometimes screw you over. Dubbed a "book club favorite," avid readers have embraced Electa's true to life characters that tackle prevalent and heavy hitting issues that take them on an emotional roller coaster.

Electa is currently following her passion and working on her next novel and first screenplay. To find out when and where Electa will be in your area, check out her website at www. To share your thoughts with Electa regarding her work or to schedule an event, please e-mail her at novelideal aol. Marian L. Thomas Talk with most authors and they all have one thing in common—to sell their books. For some authors, writing their book was the easy part, putting down their pen and picking up their marketing hat—is not as easier.

Hopefully, following these 5 easy steps will help get the marketing juices flowing and your books out the door! It has been common in the industry to see author domain names that are geared toward the title of their first book, however, it might be more effectively in the long run to get a domain name that features your first and last author name. Why Important?

Readers need somewhere to go to read more about you, your book s and to see purchasing options. It also helps to establish creditability as a serious author. Once your press room has been created , ensure that any press releases that are written about your book, book events or other news that is media worthy is linked to your press room. You can then add a link to your press room under your Media tab. Be sure to include any links to articles that you have written or radio shows on this page. Google Calendar is great, free and can be embedded on your website.

Everyone loves to go to a themed party, so have one. Invite everyone you know and ask them to invite 5 to 10 people that they know. Make sure to include the cost of your book in the ticket price if possible and feed your guest! Live entertainment is always good to have. Look for someone local.

Local author, local entertainer. Don't forget to include any newspapers or media that might be close to your event venue. Some of your local papers have a free event listing or calendar. Use them! Great way to get your event out to the public and did I mention that most are free? You've gone through quite a bit of trouble to get things going in the first three steps so don't blow it by not having a professional presentation set-up for your book.

Invest in a good large and tall banner of your book. Make sure you display lots of copies of your book at your event and be sure to have a means for your guest to purchase additional copies. About the Author: Marian L. Be sure to get your copy today! It is sure to be another Best-Seller for the author as it takes you on the journey of four individuals that lead to one destination filled with betrayal, lies and shocking secrets.

Click Here. It used to be enough to just offer a monthly newsletter with tips and tricks to get people to sign up in seconds. But, with everyone online now, that's not enough to cut it. These days, you have to get creative to draw people to your list, and one effective tool that works well these days is giving away something of uncommon value. Read on for TEN types of giveaways you can host on your website to help your business stand out from the crowd: 1.

Discounts or coupons. One "characteristic" of humans that crosses all socio-economic levels is: we LOVE a good deal. Even Oprah likes "Clinique Bonus" time. You can offer regular discounts and coupons in your ezine, particularly if your service or product is something that people use regularly such as makeup, hairstyling, massages, ink for your printer, etc.

Ebooks are still revered as an incentive to opt-in, as long as they are on a topic that your target audience really values. You need in-demand information generally 20 pages or more , as well as a gorgeous book cover image check out KillerCovers if you're looking for a professional service that can help. Audio with informative content is attractive to clients because they can listen to it in the car, download it to their iPod, or play it at home -- wherever they learn best.

Plus, they can keep listening to it as many times as they need. You can offer an audio file as an mp3 link, but for greater impact, send them a CD with an attractive cover and case.

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Create a free teleclass on a hot topic, record it, and then offer it as a giveaway in audio and transcript form. This sets you up as an expert with whom your web visitors will want to stay in touch. Gifts or Samples. Consider giving away a "taste" of your product. This works great if your product is part of a series, because it can let them see your style, your depth of content, etc. If your product, or any part of it, is too valuable to give away, you might want to host a giveaway. An author who just self-published a hardback book, could give away a free, autographed copy on a weekly basis.

Or, host a contest for a winning cover design and offer to cross promote the winning designer's services. It's always fun for people to see the contest winner's names listed on the website, so make sure to add that little feature in for added incentive and legitimacy. It's easy to create a video these days with handheld camcorders like the Flip SD, and video gives you the advantage of being able to talk directly to your audience. You could tape a live workshop or presentation you've already set up, where you're speaking to a live audience, or, if you're a little camera shy, even a PowerPoint presentation can be a great visual tool.

As long as you keep the content relevant and engaging, you'll have a great free DVD that you can mail out as a giveaway. Free Reports. A report can be shorter than an ebook less than 20 pages, usually and you have a little more flexibility as far as formatting and voice is concerned. You could choose to follow a narrative form, which is a great way to let people in on who you are, what your story is, how you became an expert, etc. Or, you can write it as a white paper, which is a longer, more formal marketing report that uses a problem, solution, state of the industry type of format, infused with hard-researched statistics.

Trial Memberships. Giving a day free or low-cost trial is a terrific way to give customers a sample of your unique expertise and win them over as paying clients. Just make sure that their access doesn't give them carte blanche to months and years of material that they can download and then run. Informational Series. Another freebie you can offer is a series of mini-lessons or mini-courses, which is actually a series of emails you've pre-written a. Let's say, for example, you are an SEO expert. So get the full details on my List Building System here now.

About the Author Ali Brown is fast becoming regarded as the voice for women's entrepreneurial success. After launching her first business from her tiny NYC studio apartment in , she has grown it into what is today a multimillion-dollar enterprise that ranked in 's Inc.

She was named one of 's Enterprising Women of the Year and was ranked on Forbes. If you liked today's issue, you'll love Ali's dynamic courses and programs to help you start, market, and grow your business. Learn more at www. So you're out there marketing. You're doing all the right things or so you think. You're following the book marketing advice of some leaders in the industry. You've got a checklist and you're methodically checking off your goals. But how do you know you're doing everything right? The fact is, most of us don't. Yet we forge ahead, keeping pace with our marketing plan, without ever knowing if it's paying off.

We don't see it in sales. Does that mean it's not working? Not at all. You could be seeing the effects in other places but just aren't keeping track of it. I find that especially in social media you need to keep a close eye on what's working and what's not. If the three hours of marketing is paying off, then it's fine to spend the time. But you need to know the difference. Here are a few things you can review to measure the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of your marketing.

Jumping in without a plan: Set clear, measureable goals because most marketing is invisible. Let's face it, you send an email and wonder half the time if the intended recipient got it or if it ended up in a spam filter, never to be seen again. That's the power behind goals.

You need them and you need to run your campaign by them. So what are your goals? And no, you may not say sell books. Yes, that factors in - but there are a million small steps along the way before you even get to sales. Consider these goals and see if any of them fit your book, topic, and future:.

Establish yourself as an expert or get known in your particular field. Hey, maybe you just want to be known as the go-to person for everything related to paranormal romance. That's great and it's a realistic, attainable goal. Increase the visibility of your brand. OK, sort of the same as the bullet before this one but more geared to the non-fiction author.

Increase traffic and incoming links to your website. This is a great goal. Whether you are fiction or non-fiction, it's a great focus. Do what makes sense for your book: If your followers aren't on Twitter then why have you spent the last month or so promoting yourself on there? Mind you, Twitter works for most of the books we manage, but there are a few that don't make sense.

Twitter skews older than most people think so don't be surprised if your YA reader isn't on there. Before you launch head first into a campaign, make sure it fits your demographic. Neglecting other marketing: I know it's easy to get all a-twitter about Twitter, but what else are you doing to promote yourself and your book? If you're good at events and speaking, are you still focused on that? Don't get too myopic on doing just one thing for your marketing. The truth is, you need to do a lot of different things, balanced out over a week or a month for your marketing to really make sense. Set goals - be clear on what you hope to achieve in social media: What are your goals for Twitter?

If it's just about gathering followers then you are missing a big piece of this social networking tool. For many marketing people it's all about the number, but numbers don't make as much sense unless they are driving interest to you and your book. If the numbers keep growing, along with traffic to your website, then you're on the right track. But if you're just growing numbers for the sake of being able to say that you have 10, followers then it makes no sense.

That's like buying a fancy car you can't really afford. Eventually the debt of it will drag you down. It's the same with Twitter and Facebook and any other social media site. It's not about the numbers. It's about the activity. Be clear on who you are trying to reach: Many of you say you're trying to reach readers, but is that really true? We all want to sell books, but who are you really going after? In all likelihood you will have a variety of different targets you are going after. Consider these: booksellers, speaking opportunities, interviews, bulk sale targets, reviewers, and readers to name a few.

Measure effectively: In order to know if stuff is working you'll need to measure effectively. As I pointed out earlier on in this article you may not want to do that by fans or followers - instead consider these ideas as ways to measure your success:. Retweets on Twitter: The best sign of success on Twitter is the amount of retweets. Are you getting them and if so, how often? If your tweets are good and your followers are active, you should see a few a week at least depending on the amount of followers you have.

If you're curious about the amount of Tweets that get RT'd - check out retweetrank. Twitter Analyzer twitteranalyzer. Site hits: Are the hits to your site increasing? Are you watching your analytics to be sure?

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If you're not, you should be. Watch your site stats closely and monitor the increase in traffic and where it's coming from. Inbound links: How many new ones are you getting? Did you do a vanity search before you started this campaign? If not, do that now. Make sure you know how many new incoming links you're getting as a result of your efforts. Sign-ups to your mailing list: Are they increasing?

If you're doing the right stuff in your social media they should be increasing weekly. Increasing the contacts in your industry: Remember that social media marketing is just like going to a networking meeting. You want to expand your reach and get to know others in your industry. If you're not increasing your reach and contact base, then you need to be. This is another great way to gauge how effective your marketing is. We always want to make progress in our marketing but we're not always sure how to do it or if what we're doing is making a difference.

Follow these steps and see if it doesn't help your marketing momentum. If it's paying off, you'll know sooner rather than later and you can keep doing the good stuff, and punt the bad. Bonus: additional tools for tracking marketing Bit. Google Analytics : If you don't have any back end web analytics and even if you do , Google gives you a lot of valuable data. Trackur : This is a great monitoring site to see what's being featured on you online and off. It's not free like Google Alerts, but much more comprehensive. Reprinted from "The Book Marketing Expert newsletter," a free ezine offering book promotion and publicity tips and techniques.

How to Publish Yourself by Marian L. Thomas For the last couple of months, perhaps years —you have stared at a monitor, pecked away at a keyboard and searched the depths of your imagination for something real, fresh and captivating that will show the world who you are from a written page. Finally, you have put your last period at the end of a sentence and sat back with a smile of disbelief.

Did you just finish writing your first book? Will it be a bestseller? Yes, and Maybe. Alphabet Poems — The letters of the alphabet are used to create a pattern for words or lines in a poem. Important Poems — Tell the significance of an object or feeling. Both the first and last line of the poem read the same.

Found Poems — Writing that was not intended as a poem but is combined in a new way to create a poem. Couplet — pair of lines in poetry, usually rhymed Spoonerism — The swapping of the initial sounds of two words to create two different words. Limerick — Five-line poem; lines 1, 2, and 5 rhyme and have 3 beats.

Lines 2 and 3 rhyme and have 2 beats. Free — Poems not written in any particular format. May or may not rhyme. It is more about sharing emotions than following any particular pattern. This type of poem is called a Double Rondeau. As time passed and my body spoke visions of another I grew also. Manifested to my heart were feelings so foreign that grew stronger every day and that still sway my being. At dusk on a Sunday past dinner at p.

Thank God too, this unfamiliar battle had rumbled us all day. Happiness became the new color of my eyes. Pain and pleasure lived through me, had threw me into a new life the welcoming of my firstborn.

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On that eve I too was born again And yes, I had shouted halleluiah and a few other things. My mind would now be thinking for two. My heart rejoiced for one more than myself. My steps would now dictate either victory or treachery for us both, and from the look in his tiny eyes he approved of my presence too. What a gift from above my firstborn this tiny love. Eventually his conversation turned from gurgles to words and laughter and then laughter through words until we made up our own language.

His appearance manifested as a newborn, toddler, boy, young man, teenage adolescent, grown man still approving of me. Needing me, and I he.