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This workbook is wise, optimistic, and a lot of fun. The exercises help to develop skills that can make all the difference between a difficult marriage and a loving partnership. A clinical psychologist provides couples with the only hands-on, step-by-step communication workbook that couples can fill out together - with proven, step-by-step strategies that teach them to communicate effectively, resolve reoccurring conflicts, and deepen intimacy.

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Format: Paperback Verified Purchase. I would give this 3. Some of the exercises and communication styles seem a little awkward and "overly polite" for true intimacy, but maybe that's why I need these skills in the first place? I'm a little less feminine than the average woman. This is THE workbook for people who may even know how to communicate, just not with each other. Perfect for all walks of life, and it will absolutely change your relationship! My fiance and I would not be engaged, if it weren't for this book.

We were happy, but just couldn't communicate well with each other. This book highlighted some key things we were and weren't doing. This book is incredibly eye opening. I've read so many relationship and communication books, yet this is my go to and is so perfectly written and put together. I've finally learned what I've been searching for.

Recommended for use by our marriage counselor and we try to use the word tracks to each other and do exercises together. Definitely brought us closer, especially feeling silly reading the examples. Totally recommend to others! If you really need to work on communication this is a good book, but feel like a lot of the advice is self explanatory. But I did like the parts about using the correct words to describe a need or want.

Sit with them for a while but not for too long and then choose one. What prob- lems must they solve right away? What would they like to move toward? Maybe you want financial freedom. Maybe you just want to be able to take a real vacation every year. Everything you did just flowed. Draw on all of your senses. What was happening at that time that made you feel so alive? Example: I intend to book myself solid.

These are likely to be subconscious and more difficult to identify, and they are nearly always fear based. Or maybe you want to book yourself solid but you think self-promotion is unappealing. Awareness is key, but not always enough to prevent conflicting intentions from affecting and blocking our positive intentions. The next step in the process is to identify the underlying fears.

There are so many different moments of change we experience in our life.

They must be truly sup- portive and willing to help you change. Often as we begin to make changes in our lives, whether business or personal, some of our most dearly loved friends and family can feel threatened by the process of change. While they may consciously want you to be successful, they may have their own subconscious conflicting intentions and be highly invested in wanting to maintain their own comfort zone by keeping you in yours.

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These are not the folks you want to ask for help from to do this exercise. Share the intentions and their conflicting counterparts with one or two others and ask your friends to help you in recognizing whether these are genuine concerns or unfounded fears. Then brainstorm ways to address the problems. Having a supportive friend, mentor, or professional coach who has a bit more objectivity than we do can help put them into perspective.

What have you been good at since you were a kid? Keep it simple and straightfor- ward. Refer to your target market from Chapter 2 of Book Yourself Solid. The first time around, just come up with something accurate and clear for now — make sure a five - year - old can understand it. List as many possibilities as come to mind. Be your most idealistic, inspired, creative, powerful you. Remember, your work is an expression of who you are. List whatever comes to mind. Having some outside input and a few more objective perspectives can make all the difference. All you need to do is pull the pieces into the for- mula below.

The examples in the book are in script format that you can use as a template. Learning it is only a means to an end. Taking action will get you booked solid. Use this exercise as the great opportunity it is to get honest, open feedback so that you can fine - tune your Book Yourself Solid Dialogue and make it the best it can be.

Establish yourself as a category authority—a well-known, well-liked expert in your field. Lesson 6—The Book Yourself Solid Sales Cycle Process Build relationships of trust with your clients by understanding six key points and from these points, develop a five-stage sales cycle.

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Lesson 7—The Power of Information Products Design a product or program that fits who you are and appeals to your ideal clients. In what areas are you currently an expert? In what areas do you need to develop your expertise? What promises can you make and deliver to your target market that will posi- tion you as an expert? What do you need to do to become comfortable at making and delivering these promises? Example: Books, Internet research, training programs, apprenticing with a mentor who is already a category authority.

Book Yourself Solid Workbook 2. Describe what she is like. Get really creative with this one. List as many specific details as you can. Invests most of her profit back into the business. Lives in San Diego in a gated community with her year-old daughter, Madison. Jogs three times a week in the neighborhood. She loves to find bargains on designer clothes and dreams of visiting Italy with her daughter some- day. Examples: In my case, they want a book that can help them get clients. They want to read an article or report on how to use social media. They want private coaching. They want to attend a marketing seminar.

And so on. When do they look for you? They are experiencing extreme discord in their relationship. Be bold! Express yourself fully. Remember, this is not the time for modesty.


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Note: Establishing a line of communication is the first step in developing a relationship of trust. If they do, they will also get a free chapter from each of my books, Book Yourself Solid, Beyond Booked Solid, The Contrarian Effect, and The Think Big Manifesto, along with a high quality minute audio recording in which I expand on certain concepts, principles, and strategies.

You can offer an intake session, needs assessment, e-book, CD, class, or any other low-barrier-to- entry offer. Again, there are many people who join one of these programs, or attend a event, without participating in an online coaching course, or right after they read my book, or even before they do, simply because they were referred to me by a person they trust. Just get your ideas out of your head and onto paper. What type of product or program would you most like to create?

What would you be most passionate about creating and offering to your target market? To whom would you be offering this product? Refer to target market. What benefits will your target market experience as a result of your product? How do you want your product to look and feel? What image or emotion do you want it to convey? How might you leverage the same content into a variety of different formats and price points for your sales cycle?

Survey friends, clients, and groups, such as online discussion groups or local organizations. And certainly search Google, using keywords that your target audience would use. Have fun with this. Just get your creative juices flowing. These exercises help you shift your perspec- tive of the sales process itself.

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All you have to do now is decide how to price your offers and learn how to be comfortable and confident during sales conversations. Make a list of all the FEPS benefits the client received from working with you. Think big. Now, put specific dollar values on all of those benefits.

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Again, think big. No, bigger than that. Try this process with a good friend or colleague and see what happens. Super simple. Module Four is made up of these lessons: Lesson 10—The Book Yourself Solid Networking Strategy Connect and share with others, building and deepening mutually beneficial relationships.

Lesson 11—The Book Yourself Solid Direct Outreach Strategy Reach out to ideal clients, decision makers, the press, and many others who can help you build your business.

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  8. Lesson 15—The Book Yourself Solid Writing Strategy Determine how to find the right writing topic and the best way to spread your words to potential clients. Lesson 16—The Book Yourself Solid Web Strategy Use your web site to follow up with potential clients The concepts and action steps laid out in the following pages will help you create relentless demand for the services and products you offer to energetically build a cadre of high-value, high-paying, inspiring clients.

    Then identify someone in your network for each of these five people whom you could connect them with. Whom do you know who will add value to their work or life? Is it a potential client, a potential business partner, a potential vendor? Person who supports you Person to Connect 1 2 3 4 5 54 For more coaching, go to www. Go through your address book and find two people who share something in common, something that each one of them will find relevant about the other and introduce them to each other.

    List five that would expand and benefit your network, as well as ideas for where you might find them. Book Yourself Solid Workbook 4. Think about and jot down the names of any specific people who come to mind for each book. As I men- tioned earlier, our life experience, observations, and conversations are all sourc- es of knowledge as well.

    Have fun with this and just let it flow. If you know a lot about skydiving, or ikebana the Japanese art of flower arranging , include it! You never know what subject might help make a connection. Think about how you felt following the interaction. How do you feel about that person because of the compassion she showed for you? List five connec- tions that would have been made if you had just shared your knowledge, your network, or your compassion. These may be prospective clients, decision makers at an organization or association, or the press. Then add a new person to your list of From whom did the referral come?

    What was the referral for, specifically? Did the referral need your services immediately? How were you contacted—by the person making the referral or the potential client? Had you educated the referrer about your services before he made the referral? How did you accept the referral and follow up? Is that new referral a continuing client today?

    You may have already noticed some of your strengths in generating referrals, or perhaps parts of the process need a little of your attention. Your referral tracking log should focus on the details of your referral interactions. If you study these interactions, you can learn from them and adjust your behavior accordingly while significantly increas- ing your referral quotient. Again, think in terms of benefits. How do they feel after having referred their friends and family? Examples: They feel great helping their friends improve their business or life in a specific way.