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From wake-up lamps, like the Lumie Body Block and Sleepace Nox Music Lamp, through to the Dodow, which sends you off into a calm slumber by projecting lights onto your ceiling, and Thync, which preps you for sleep with neurostimulation.

So who is Taran and what about those tales?

But so far a lot of anecdotal evidence seems strong - and of course the brands themselves are keen to shout about how life-changing sleep tracking can be. Without that structure and tech at home, will it really be a positive experience or a waste of money that actually increases sleep anxiety?

The hope is that sleep monitoring tech will allow us to track the variety of behaviors and environmental factors that could contribute to poor sleep. Or is it when you have caffeine in the afternoon? Or is it when the rubbish truck comes by at 6 in the morning?

But beyond figuring out a coffee after 5pm leads to bad sleep, is sleep tech going to have lasting appeal? In other words, the thing that most people care about is subjective sleep - how you feel in the morning.

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Unfortunately we have shown after analyzing sleep from nearly individuals that objective measures tell us very little about subjective sleep. Telling people they had a 'good' or 'bad' night of sleep is useless as it is based on objective measures that have little bearing on subjective phenomenology. For instance, a recent study suggested that some people felt more tired throughout the day based on what their sleep tracker told them - not how they actually slept.

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For many, all the technology does is heighten anxiety around sleep — which makes good quality sleep even harder to achieve. Like Zeitzer, Dr.

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Michael Farquhar suggested there is a role for tech, it just might not be for everyone. Others may be overwhelmed by it and that knowledge could even impact their well-being throughout the next day.

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And of course some others may lose interest within a few weeks. Now we were two, I could try out all the dishes the girls hated. So we had lots of Balti, pulses and beans for a while!

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We had some serious renegotiating to do together. Now the pressure of home was less we both focused right in on work, so we had to decide how to accommodate each other and keep the house running well. We were enjoying the ease of arranging time without having to work around so many other demands. We take that for granted when having babies, knowing that the chance to discuss nappies and hours of sleep is the best support in the world.

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The same goes for empty nest. Discovering that others were wasting as much food and missing the mess was brilliant. I felt so different inside, I decided to reconsider my style. I did it once before when I went from psychotherapist to management consultant and it worked wonders.

So off I went again. So I set off on the conference trail, made new contacts, came up with new ideas, started writing again, delivered a new book……………….. I drank lots of coffee and the occasional champagne, started work with new clients and really began to enjoy myself. So by the end of the first term, when Miriam returned home for Christmas, I was starting to enjoy my new persona. I loved being back as Mum and it was wonderful to see her again. I even enjoyed the inevitable chaos that followed in her wake.

But I also could leave her the space to do her own thing without being needy of her attention, which had been my fear. I was managing well enough on my own.

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Not that the adjustment finished there — this was just step one. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. In retrospect I can take a cool look at what I actually did: Drowned my sorrows in work It was helpful to start with, but I soon had to get some sort of balance in life. Went on a health kick With the time freed up from car runs and homework support, I joined the gym and started to get fit. Had a few good rows We had some serious renegotiating to do together.

Revamped my style I felt so different inside, I decided to reconsider my style. Facebook Comments.

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