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But then the body of a teenage boy turns up in the creek behind the cabin they have rented. He knows who she is… and she belongs in Paradise. But her husband tracks her down, and as the hurricane descends, her situation becomes desperate, pulling her into a whirlpool of murder, concealment and fear. How will it be fought? In , decades of political infighting and advances in technology have combined forces to create the perfect storm.

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Still, Kitty will have to act like her life depends on it, because — as it turns out — it does. Desperate to find a cure for her aphantasia, she becomes obsessed with a curious new patient whose presence seems to have restored her ability to dream. Their friendship uncovers a ruthless obsession that could destroy them both. The big old house which has stood empty for so long that no one really remembers anyone living there. The iconic subject of lore and folktales which hints at supernatural occurrences, tragedy, and family curses, that can be neither confirmed nor denied.

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The place where her mother was born. While investigating the Juniper Hotel, he meets the recently departed Sam Thompson. A whydunnit rather than a whodunnit, Sleep follows a woman on trial for killing her husband and his lover. Was it premeditated, a crime of passion, or a moment of madness? Told through a series of flashbacks and testimony, the struggles that Lizzy Dyson faced are revealed. Next is downsizing and moving. Between and , Dennis Nilsen murdered and mutilated at least 12 young men in London. This True Crime Book lifts the lid on his sinister story. Read this delightful cozy mystery full of new friends, a magical pendant, a hidden well… and of course, a mystical cat!

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He is to prepare the Sigonella Naval Air Station on Sicily for a clandestine operation to save the life of the Russian president, the man most Americans believe is our 1 enemy. Rated 11 on the Goodreads Best Political Novel list. Kindle 3 a. So unique and interesting! This Premium Edition collects the five Henry Bins books into a single volume.

Henry Bins has Henry Bins, a sleeping disorder named after him. He wakes up at 3 a. Life is simple. Until he sees the President of the United States leave the house across the street. Yet, when she arrives in Scotland with her new hubby— fear rules. Maurice Dolbier, The Magic Shop , This was also anthologized in "Best in Children's Books," Vol. Arnold Lobel Parents' Magazine Press,'65? I have often wondered the same myself.

Grandfather Owl wears spectacles and answers questions and solves arguments for all the other animals in the woods. Little Toot aspires to be as knowledgable and attributes this knowledge to Grandfather's Spectacles. One day he gets to try them, but alas, they tell him nothing. Grandfather Owl explains "Spectacles are for seeing and not for knowing. Knowing comes with growing and growing. Moore, Lilian. Illustrated by Arnold Lobel.

Parents' Magazine Press, Cover slightly soiled and binding worn, otherwise G. There was a boy in his bed, who either couldn't sleep and was told a story about this night train, or dreamed of this train speeding through the countryside at night. Most of the illustrations were dark and pen-and-ink-like, and I specifically remember a page where the train was out of control and the boy or conductor or both were pulling back hard on the throttle to stop it.

I believe the cover was dark, like night. It was a relatively thin hardback. I would love to find this book for my sister, who is now a reading teacher. We read it in the mid- to lates, but I think it was used even then. Just a suggestion. David M. McPhail, The Train , Could this be it? Ages Lilian Moore, The Magic Spectacles , I was the original requester and I found it! Published by Parents' Magazine Press When I read the description I immediately thought of this book, and went looking for descriptions on the web to confirm.

Couldn't find any, but I'll make the suggestion anyway. Farmer Penelope, The magic stone , Farmer, Penelope, The Magic Stone. Yes, this is definitely it. The only good clue I can give you is that the one of the children's cats was named Ozymandias.

Pasta Pinot & Murder

I tried looking under Noel, Streatfield and Ozymandias but no luck. I have read a lot of the titles, hoping to recognize my description, but no luck. I did find references to lots of other books I read as a child tho! I have this book. The children stay with an aged great aunt who is extremely eccentric, to say the least. I don't know why this book has become so important for me, but I am getting the strong desire to own the books that were important to me as a kid, and I hope I can find them here.

I can think of no more rewarding collection that the pursuit of books one has loved. Thank you so much for your info!! Magic Summer is out of print and it would be great if you could find a copy for me. The Magic Summer. Illustrated by Edward Ardizzone. Random House, First edition.

Ex-library copy with usual markings. Rudy and Eugene Bahn. Published by Charles E. Merrill Company, , I did not find one about a magic fruit tree and a tortoise. However, The Straw Ox matches the description. The Rapunzel in this book does kill the witch by cutting her hair at the right moment. And a troll who turns himself into a pig does kidnap three sisters on three separate occasions and the one sister saves them by making the troll bring sacks of wood to the mother, but instead of putting wood in the bag, a sister goes in instead.

Illustartions are black and white. Thanks, I'll assume it is Magic Tales. Now does anyone know how to find the story about the tree and the tortoise? Another detail: the other animals keep trying to find out the magic word but they all forget it on the way home, but the tortoise is more diligent and simply keeps repeating it as he returns.

The downtrodden tortoise is more diligent and simply keeps repeating it as he returns and is lavished with gratitude. I think the word was something like "Bonjo". How about this - The Bojabi Tree , by Edith Rickert , illustrated by Anna Braune, published originally in , reprinted by Doubleday in , 46 pages "This once-popular picture book 'adapted from an African folk tale' will with its satisfying adventure, repetition of action, humor, and precise, colorful details, give fresh delight to kindergarten storytelling.

Four visits to King Leo are required before one of the creatures can remember the name of the fruit. Amusingly illustrated with pencil drawings. The first story is Ask Mr. Well, Edith Rickert's version certainly fits the plot - but the one I'm looking for is much less cutesy - the animals have no names, IIRC, and they certainly don't wear clothes.

In all, it's more streamlined. I remember that one animal forgets because he bumps his head and another because he falls and rolls and bites his tongue too often to pronounce the word properly. The one picture I remember is that of the tortoise looking sadly at the angry wise man.

B96 bonjo: aha! I haven't been able to find a publication date or any more information though. This sounds a lot like a book I spent years looking for I found a nice description of it online about halfway down the page. Sun-bleached illustrations by Ian Wallace are intended to convey the shimmering heat and noon-day mirage of the African landscape. In this Bantu tale from Africa, a humble tortoise saves his hungry animal friends. Only those who know the name of the tree can reach its fruit. When haughty Gazelle and Elephant fail to bring the tree's name all the way back from the king, Tortoise attempts the task.

On his journey, Tortoise repeats the name over and over until he reaches the foot of the tree, where the branches respond by bending down to the waiting animals. An enjoyable retelling conveying a theme common to folktales - effort and dedication succeed over talent and pride. Charles Keeping's running lion, prancing ox and snapping alligator add to the delight of this collection.

The contents are similar to the other identical title, but not quite. Three tales are from India. The illustrations, unfortunately, are annoyingly generic. Other than that, the collection is unique and quite good.

The Lieutenant's Bargain by Regina Jennings, Paperback | Barnes & Noble®

I am not sure about the secret language part, but Ruth Sawyer's Enchanted Schoolhouse has to do with an Irish lad bringing a leprechaun to America! Might be worth a look! I can't identify the book but was wondering if it might be one of Patricia Lynch's many books possibly one of her Brogeen books. It is technically a boggart that stows away with them on the ship, but I remember thinking that the illustrations or description made him sound like a leprechaun.

I don't remember him speaking in code, but that doesn't mean he didn't. I think he travels with them because the woods are being torn down to make a road. He comes to America and is really freaked out. Magic happens when he smokes his pipe. Irish boggart [like a leprechaun] goes to America - secret code - every 10th word gives the message. She's been writing since the early '70s. Thanks for your e-mail. The reply certainly sounds promising and I am keen to find more information about " The Magic Toy Shop " as it could well be the play that I recall.

A search on the internet uncovered a play by Patricia Clapp called something like "T he Toys That Took Over Christmas " about some toys in a toy shop that were brought to life, but was advertised as being a 10th anniversary performance, which dates it to Perhaps Patricia Clapp has written several plays along similiar lines -- the play I recall was performed by us as seven or eight year olds in about or As well as groups of toys having their own songs, I seem to recall a toy train taking all the toys to a location outside the toy shop.

Pinocchio had a leading role, but I am pretty sure that this was not a musical adaptation of the Pinocchio story. Hopefully someone might have details about " The Magic Toy Shop ". Thank You! I have actually found out the answer, which is quite different from what I expected it to be. Eventually I managed to find an e-mail address for my old primary school of 25 years ago, and wrote to ask about the play I remembered. After making various enquiries, the Principal wrote me and said that the play I recall was written by a group of teachers after they had gathered ideas from the children, and incorporated various popular songs.

They called it The Magic Toybox , but it is no longer known if a script exists or ever did exist. It's great to have an answer after wondering about this for so long. I just picked this one up for the store. It's a Scholastic paperback in G condition well-loved but the title is not that common , copyright Sticker removal mark from spine and homemade? See Solved Mysteries for details the book doesn't cover! Two children enter the New York subway and suddenly find themselves in a time tunnel that takes them back three hundred years to New Amsterdam where they watch history in the making and compare colonial and modern ways of life.

This is on the Solved Mysteries page. Caroline Emerson, The Magic Tunnel. Thank you for your comments on TheMagic Tunnel, one of my two favorite childhood stories. The mysterious adventure of the storybook children transported from then-present day New York to New Amsterdam via the underground system captivated me and in hindsight, greatly contributed to my own move to New York in , to find adventure, mystery, and, of course, magic.

I'm pretty sure this is it.

Drawing Closer to Jesus

It has your Jupiter poem on page 64 , but it's copyright The cover is dark blue with a picture of a man covered in stars. It has cool deco-ish illustrations by Luxor Price. Roy Rockwood, Great Marvel series , A long shot, but a series running concurrently with Tom Swift was the Great Marvel series. Some of the earlier titles in the series are available in full text at Project Gutenberg, so they can be checked easily.

It would appear the mystery is solved - I can't imagine that poem showing up in more than one book! Now I have to find a copy!! Thanks so much!!! Lewis, The Silver Chair. I think this might be the one you are looking for. Tolkien, Hobbit, Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Has to be too easy. There were 4 books in the original series, published late 's - early 's. A youth gets caught up in a war between the people of his world,including elves, dwarves, etc.

While following the dwarves to safety after a battle, he finds armor and weapons that turn out to be enchanted. His friend is apprenticed to a magician hence the title of the book. Brooks, Terry, The Sword of Shannara, It's a long shot, given the date, but there are elves, dwarves, a magic sword and high adventure! It is neither C S Lewis nor Tolkein. I have just finished reading Sword of Shanarra and can rule that one out. I have acquired the Feist: Magician Apprentice, and this one looks promising.

Raymond Feist, Magician: Apprentice , is definitely the one. My thanks for solving this mystery. The two children in it enter other worlds through a doorway in the attic which connects their houses, and one of the worlds has a red, dying sun. R8 is definetely The Magician's Nephew.

The book G5 isn't remotely like The Magician's Nephew. I know the book being refererred to in R It's The Magician's Nephew , the first book in C. Lewis 's Chronicles of Narnia. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe is the second book in the series. Lewis , and is part of the Narnia series. I actually loved these books as a child and recently re-read them, and the plot described in R8 is the same as in The Magician's Nephew. All the Narnia books are worth a second look. The Chronicles of Narnia. Macmillan, Complete series of seven books.

Book Club hardback editions from the sixties see image. Magoose's Grocery , 's. I know this book well. This was a Parent's magazine book club book. H The Magpie's Nest, which shows up in many collections. Here's Joseph Jacobs' edition. I'm not sure which edition you're looking for or if indeed you remember one in an anthology, which broadens the scope considerably. But this is certainly the folk story you're looking for. There are some little differnces, but the general plot line is the same The island and the teacher I agree with the person who thought the answer might be " The Magus" by John Fowles.

Just to give a few more details that might help, the protagonist is Nicholas Urfe. The old man is Conchis. The daughters are Lily and Rose. And there is another woman, who is in the end Nicholas's true love, named Alison. This book was made into a film as well. Conchis, a wealthy estate owner.

John Fowles, The Magus. The affair gets more serious than Nicholas can stand, so he leaves her to take a position as an English instructor at the Lord Byron School in the Greek island of Phraxos. Bored, depressed, disillusioned, and overwhelmed by the Mediterranean island, Nicholas contemplates suicide, then takes to long solitary walks.

On one of these walks he stumbles upon the wealthy Greek recluse Maurice Conchis, who may or may not have collaborated with the Nazis during the war and apparently lives alone on his island estate. Inez Irwin, Maida's Little Shop. She makes friends in the nieghborhood, one of whom turns out to be her nanny's grandson from Ireland. Only I think the diamond was in a necklace Emberley, Ed.

This sounds like it could be any of the many drawing books by Ed Emberley. This definitely matches the description, although there may be others as well. I adored this book--you really could make a whole little world, without any particular drawing talent. Have you looked at the Ed Emberly drawing books? There are many and they are in the right time frame.

Ed Emberley, Make a World. From description, most likely this one of his many books. Finally back in print. It's one of my favorite gifts for children in elementary school--this book, a big blank book, and a set of markers, with the invitation to "make a world. My favorite is a child who made an atlas of his "planet. Not sure who was the solver but, I thank you!!!

I saw the inquiry about a book with the saying "hay foot, straw foot, left foot, right foot. The author is Jan Margo. All I remember about this book is a little boy who would march around with a paper hat on his head and chant "hayfoot, strawfoot" as he marched. One I read around about a little boy who would march around with a paper hat singing "Hayfoot, Strawfoot. His sergeant, also a country fellow, asks him if he can tell hay from straw. Of course he can, any durn fool can do that!

So Sarge ties a wisp of hay to one foot and straw to the other, and drills him by calling 'hay-foot, straw-foot' instead of 'left, right, left'. His only companions are a dog named Brogla an her puppy Rags. I was enquiring about a book my family read 30 years ago. It was about a dog named "Rags" who loves his owner, a rancher, very much but is not appreciated by his owner because he is not pure-bred. At one point, the owner's two dobermans? Just after Rags runs off, a boy on the ranch runs up to the owner and tells him the other two dogs started the fight and crying tells him how much Rags loves him.

The owner is unable to find Rags no matter how much he looks for him. Finally, they meet in a blizzard and Rags almost dies getting the owner to safety. Then while Rags is dying the owner lays down with him and tells him over and over how sorry he is and Rags finally gets better. Bannon, Laura. Make Room For Rags. Houghton Mifflin, Illustrated by Vee Guthrie. When the small dog Rags appeared at the farmhouse in the middle of a storm, the family knew they would have to make room for her, for a short time, anyway.

Danny hoped that the place could be permanent, but the more Rags teased the kittens and chased the chickens, the slimmer the chances seemed to be. The description sounds exactly like a book that my teacher read to me in 6th grade, approximately, It was about a man kept in a box in Vietnam and I think the local boy helps him escape to a cave. Dunn, Marylois, The Man in the Box, I am enjoying rereading it very much. I read that story over and over in eighth grade ! It made me want to learn fencing, though I never did.

I keep thinking it is Richard or Robert somebody. If anyone can track down the literature textbook it is in, that would help me solve an earlier book stumper I sent in about a boy named P. This description sounds just like a short story I too had to read for an English class in junior high! The point is that he does this so that the other students won't learn to look up to the arrogant, conflict-loving fencer and come to think of him as the "better" fencer, but instead realize that a peace-loving person could still be the better fighter if need be.

The only problem is, Googling "A Man of Peace" coupled with "short story" doesn't yield any results, so perhaps I've got the title wrong. I'm still thinking about that fencing story now it's driving ME crazy! It was about a fencing master dedicated to the art of fencing who has a student who only fences for the brutality he can put into his game. Nimoy played one of Mr.

Faulkner's students. The story was later remade starring James Mason in Mr. Faulkner's role. Faulkner directed the fencing in this one, and doubled for Mason. This time, the bad fencing student was patterned more along the line of James Dean, as Dean was the reigning "delinquent" at the time. It looks like the story I remember may also have been made into a tv drama. But I don't know if this is related to the solution sought by the stumper poster, or if it will help the detective work.

Lawrence Williams, A Man of Peace , The textbook is out of print, but I was able to find numerous used copies. Someone on one of my loops heard about our query and emailed me. They said this is definitely the book. Looks charming! Thanks anyway!! First Edition, Hardcover "A man who lives at the edge of the woods discovers that he need not rely on the store for a supply of good things to eat.

F53 food on trees sounds like H6 hungry walk. H6 hunger walk: a bit more on the suggested story by Krasilovksy - "A story about a man and his cat who live at the edge of the woods and buy everything to eat from the store. When his friends goes on vacation and he runs out of food, he finds he can live on the garden food he finds in the woods. The cover of the book is white, though, not yellow, with a picture of a plump balding man with a hat and apron, flipping pancakes while his cat looks on.

He's saved and learns his lesson though when it rains and he puts everything outside to get clean at once. What a great site Illustrated by Barbara Cooney. Scholastic, , 4th paperback printing, Trade paperback size, some wear, but a clean copy. A man wakes up one day without his head. He carves out substitutes from vegetables - I remember a parsnip and perhaps a pumpkin. But everyone laughs, so he rejects the vegetables. He carves a head out of wood, and that's better, but he still wants his head back.

So a young boy, who is making a ball out of tightly wound rags says he can get the head back. He hits the man with the ball, and the man wakes up with his head back. Story is about a man who wakes up without his head, tries a bunch of things as substitutes including a parsnip, which for whatever reason is etched in my memory.

Possibly published by Bobbs-Merrill, since my dad used to work for them and get books through them. More on the Solved Mysteries page. Paul Gallico, The Man who was Magic, The title isn't "Adam", but the protagonist's name is, and the plot fits. Searching on Google will get you several synopses. I'm pretty sure about this one. Adam appears in the heroine's life and goes to a magicians' convention or similar.

He scrambles and unscrambles an egg, and makes a wooden staff burst into bloom white roses. The other magicians turn him away About a writer who's being sued because of the similarity of one of his characters to a woman named Bibbsy Dibbs. It's written in the form of letters.

Bethany House A long-running series with Christian values. The first book is set in , when Mandie is 12 and her father has just died. She runs away to the city and finds her Uncle John, discovering that he and her father are half-Indian. Her father's friend, Uncle Ned, is full Indian. Lois Gladys Leppard, Mandie series. These sound like the Mandie series, published by Bethany House. Probably more than 30 titles in the series by now, and still in print as far as I know.

They're sort of Nancy Drew-type mysteries with an inspirational twist. Set in the NC mountains, although Mandie travels a lot in her adventures. Lois Leppard, Mandie and the Secret Tunnel. I am positive that you're looking for the Mandie books. The series starts with Mandie and the Secret Tunnel. In that book, Mandie's father dies and she leaves her stepmother and stepsister to find her father's brother.

Her Uncle John a Native American who was a friend of her father's, helps her. She eventually finds her uncle and her birth mother, whose name is Elizabeth. Mandie also has a boyfriend-type character whose name is Joe. This is a mystery series. In later books, Mandie does go to boarding school and eventually, on a trip to Europe. There are twenty-some books in the series. Julie Edwards, Mandy. Could this be Mandy? It sound a lot like it. I'm sure you'll get several other responses to this one, but O20 definitely sounds like Mandy by Julie Andrews Edwards.

Edwards, Julie Andrews, Mandy , , reprinted Really, what does Mandy have to worry about? So it comes as a surprise even to Mandy when a small restlessness begins to grow in her. This lonely ache sets her to wandering farther afield, and leads her to a startling and wonderful discovery over the orphanage wall--a very old, very small, seemingly abandoned cottage. Embarking on a clandestine domestic fantasy involving gardening tools and soap flakes, Mandy finds herself being less than honest about where and how she's spending her days.

Holding her secret closer and closer to her heart, this imaginative dreamer inadvertently endangers her reputation--and her life. There isn't a cottage, but she does get into an off-limits garden and lovingly fixes it up. And she is orphaned. Julie Andrews may be under Julie Edwards , Mandy. The story is similar to that of "The Secret Garden" but without so much death. I haven't looked at it lately, but it was a favorite of both mine and my sister's. Her 10 year-old daughter also loved it. Julie Edwards , aka Julie Andrews, Mandy.

Wow, a stumper I actually know, and a book I love! You're describing Julie Andrews's first book for children. Hope you enjoy it now as much as you did as a child. This reminds me of a book that I have been looking for too. Is there some kind of windowseat with old curtains that she curls up in and reads while she looks out over the delapidated yard? Edwards, Julie, Mandy. I think she wrote it for her daughter. I just unpacked my copy from childhood books. Julie Edwards, Mandy, This is a wonderful book, written by the actress Julie Andrews writing under her real name Edwards husband is Blake Edwards.

Mandy the orphan finds a deserted cottage in the woods with one room covered in seashells all over the walls and ceiling. She fixes up the house and restores the neglected garden, and ultimately is adopted by the family who owns the land and cottage. It's a wonderful story. This fits the description, but I seem to recall from another stumper here or elsewhere that there was another book with a similiar theme.

Worth taking a look at Mandy, though. Mandy is rescued from her cottage when she falls ill, and eventually is adopted by the family whose estate it's on. From the flyleaf: "For ten-year-old Mandy, the old stone orphanage on the outskirts of the pretty village was the only home she remembered Then one day, when Mandy climbed over the high orphanage wall to explore, there it was--a tiny deserted cottage in a clearing in the woods.

Here at last was her very own, very secret home. She would tidy it up and plant a garden. All through the spring, summer and fall, Mandy worked for--and sometimes "borrowed"--the little things she needed for it. And to guard her secret, she even lied A girl goes exploring and finds an abandoned cottage.

She cuts overgrown folliage back and starts tending to the garden. She steals some soap to clean the dusty place. The fireplace or maybe all the walls in one room are decorated with shells. See Solved Mysteries. Dandelion Cottage. This is a book about a little girl who fixes up an old house. Don't know if it's the same one or not. I am not positive that this is the right book, but the part about the deserted cottage is correct, and I believe I remember a room lined with shells. Can I Be? Her dreams feel less like dreams and more like reality to the girl. Her parents have a lot to do with that.

As she has parents that are very positive, supportive, and an influential part of the little girl's life. He was an ordinary young man, with a passionate vision, and an exceptional work ethic. Life is such that we never know for certain what the future holds. The Shaw family had high hopes for their son Jamiel's future. He was blessed with exceptional athletic and academic abilities.

JAS was well mannered and a joy to live with. Discovering the one true source of everlasting joy upon salvation, it becomes one's choice to realize and recognize the blessing of this joy scripted throughout each chapter of one's life. This book is a personal journey of recognizing that joy within every chapter of life. In an intimate glimpse within the very pages of each chapter, Missy shares the detail After I arrived in Warsaw, my niece Danielle Gamble was instrumental in getting me a job in the transportation department of the school district as a bus driver.

When my husband passed away, I was overwhelmed with grief, with decisions that had to be made, and being alone. I had watched other individuals go through the transition to widowhood with such grace. I never saw the moments when they broke down. I never knew the struggles they experienced time and time again in that first year. Now here I was navigating thro I was born the ninth child, and there was no love for me. I came into this world feeling unworthy and unloved. As a child, I hid inside myself, but through it all, God kept me close Humor on college campuses?

Not so much! If any significant amount at all, it is generally within the student ranks.

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Administrators and staff are too busy by administering and coordinating. Faculty are far too busy teaching, debating, and engaging in scholarly inquiry. I wrote this book as a helpful guide for families who want to know if homeschooling is for them. It takes you through step-by-step—from deciding if it's the right decision to setting up and getting started. I also answer some myths that plague the homeschooling community A young girl is visited by an angel.

This event saves her and her family from disaster. As Veronica grows, marries, and has children, she continues to receive divine messages and experiences. Not always understood by her but never forgotten nonetheless. This book is an account of just some of these experiences and how they have come to guide her Stand Tall and Stand Out, Fiona is a book about a pale pink flamingo who feels anxious being in a world of vibrant pink flamingos.

In her novel, Hope Makes the Heart Glad, author Marjorie Linton validates biblical promise that God is absolute good, equally present everywhere and within everyone. She affirms the absolute truth that God is omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient. Because God is absolute good and equally present everywhere, good is, therefore, the essence of everything. Mary Grace Landers and Ethan Grant have one of those undying remarkable loves that everyone would like to experience just once in their lifetime.

An extraordinary love that surpasses description. They live in a time when handwritten letters were important and, sometimes, the only means of communication. Their story starts when they are in their teens living However, God blessed King Solomon to become the wisest, most honorable, and wealthiest man who ever lived.

In 1 Kings —34, the scriptures decl Looking back, it was amazing how my brain processed the whole incident. Even though I had repeated my statement numerous times to the police, family and friends, it was as if I was telling a story about someone else. Becky Erkkila is courageously sharing her story to enlighten others about the domestic violence victim mentality.

Through her challengin Christians believe that when a person dies, angels also known as Takers come down from heaven to retrieve the soul and take it back to Saint Peter for judgment. But what happens if errant angels take the soul of a young man who is not yet scheduled to die? All hell breaks loose! I wanted to write something that would implant a seed and inspire communication with our Master, especially as we Mystery at Mirror Lake is about issues after the September 11, terrorist attacks. It takes place in a small mountain town in North Carolina.

He lost his wife in the attacks so after the dust s She lives in the shadow of another's past. Princess Raven only ever wanted one thing—to become the beloved queen of her people. Since the day she was born, she'd received nothing but fear and hatred from those around her, all because her familiar happens to be reminiscent of the beast controlled by the tyrant king of ages past. Was it her fault her Brett, Blake, and Gavin meet Stanford the seagull on the beach when Stanford cleverly snatches a piece of Blake's sandwich. As wisecracking Stanford informs the boys it is in his nature to steal, he is distracted when a little canary flies by.

Stanford has a crush on the pretty yellow bird and goes to any length to impress her. Meanwhile, the boys build a sa Although an upbeat and positive novel, this book has a timeless message: during part of the nineteenth century and throughout the entire twentieth century, a perceptible shift of values occurred in the West, particularly in the United States.

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This shift has created a present-day tragic intellectual and moral crisis for all of us, especially our children. For me, the most fascinating and informative journey back in history would be AD 33, along an old dirt road winding toward the small unremarkable town by the name of Emmaus, nearly seven miles northeast of Jerusalem. Journey with me as we investigate the imagined words of Jesus of Nazareth as he spoke to Cleophas and Mary, encouraging them not to giv Billie, a nurse was used of God to build a medical complex in an area without electricity, running water and very little money.

Thank You Jesus for the glorious gift of sight. In these pages you will find exorbitant expense to procure this gift for us. I want you, the reader, to enjoy the wonder of walking through these pages with me as I walk through the life of little ones that God has entrusted in all of u Imagine a world after the Rapture. Imagine you're not saved! How would you survive? What does the. Bible say? What about Armageddon? What about the new millennium? This is one man's vision of what the world might be like brought relevant to today's strange world.

Read on to discover what might happen! Evie is a fourteen-year-old girl who comes to the realization that she is extremely overweight following a number of events in her life that cause her to admit that she is unable to fit into the clothes she loved to wear. With the encouragement and support of her family, she begins to change her eating habits and is transformed from being extremely overweigh There was a little baby colt born on Farmer Brown's farm. Farmer Brown's wife named him Spotty. He was a wonderful sight to see and to watch him grow and see him get into trouble.

He had a lot of animal friends that helped watch over him. I want to thank my God for guiding me, my church family for all their prayers, my neighbor for all I might even describe it as the musical score of the heart, sung from our lips, seen and heard with our ears and eyes. Affirming My Faith can be described as one of the resolute biblical teachings concerning the basic tenants of bible-based Christianity.

The book is systematically designed to assist each reader in not only obtaining a full understanding of the foundational new testament doctrine as it pertains to the arguments which reveal exactly why Jesus is both Lord and This book is a comprised of four years of writing poetry. This book of Christian poetry is meant be read by Christians and non-Christians alike to get them to think about what Jesus has done for us throughout our daily lives. This book came about because I, as a servant of the Lord, want to praise and worship our Holy God A story for those whose days cannot contain all their dreams and whose nighttime adventures are for remembering.

After two very tiny, hungry kittens showed up at farmer's house on a country road, the family reluctantly fed them, knowing the kittens would then continue to stay around. As you read this story you will see how the family continued to feed and love these two kittens, and in no time decided to keep them. You will also see how the family believes they were What do you do when your apparently heterosexual Christian spouse reveals they are gay or same-sex attracted? The revelation leads to a shattering of the heterosexual spouse, especially if they have been married a long time.

Thomas Quincy is a middle-aged man who is a member of the US Army Reserve and works for the Reserves as a civilian too. He is lonely, so he coaxes an alley cat into the apartment where he lives in St. Louis, Missouri. In this book, we see scenes from the life of PC, both in the neighborhood in St. Louis and in places in Ohio Prodigious is about who we are as human beings. It is about a story of a man who has gone through the same struggles many others have, how we as human beings can overcome the negative things that life hits us with and show that it is never too late to turn things around for the better.

It helps describe a little of who God is and how he has always been there The book's title Knowing Why They Lied; Apologetics for Dummies is intended to convey that the average churchgoing Christian might benefit by a handy evangelism tool that anyone, Christian or non, can evaluate, share, or use. Part I reveals that God is not a remote and austere religious figure and by living within His parameters design through His covenant, we can have a successful, intimate, vital, living relationship with Him.

We are created in the image and likeness of God and that influences our responsibility to our Creator. God's love, forgiveness, fruit of the Spirit, an How will a woman know what her life will be like as a pastor's wife? How will she find her place within the congregation and the inner-workings of the church? How will she handle the diverse issues that will come to her door and the many challenges that she will face? Read the advice of many pastors' wives who have told their amazing stories of how they foun The enemy every day wants to devour us or draw us away from God's will for us—His present and future children.

The enemy wants to confuse, corrupt, and drag us into conflict to keep the believing Christians from carrying out the Great Commission Matthew — The enemy's endgame being that we also end up in the pit prepared for him and his angels Is how you interact with others based on your professional aspirations?

Have you lost friends and damaged family relationships as you achieved professional success? Follow this remarkable true-life story of how one woman struggled with success. By sharing actions and choices from personal experiences, she demonstrates what it means to live with success, fa Everything seemed perfect in Isabelle's world until the sudden death of a loved one.

The death forces Isabelle into marriage to a man she does not love. Her new husband becomes her appointed protector and assures her that they can eventually love each other, but her love belongs to someone that she has loved for as long as she can remember. She longs to be h The Mayflower has arrived back in orbit at Earth. But something is wrong. It appears that all human life on Earth is gone. Otherwise, the planet appears normal.

What happened to Earth's population, and will it also happen to the crew of the Mayflower? The captain has decided that he must lead an exploratory team to the planet's surface to determine why the p Redemption is a story of two men, both of whom hit rock bottom due to their own actions. Both lost family, jobs, friends—nothing remained. The author bore witness to their journey, and with other Christian volunteers, tried to help them rebuild their lives. My Name is Tommie: My Story of Hydrocephalus is a simple teaching tool I used to support my son in his understanding of his hydrocephalus.

I used it to expose him to different techniques to navigate through life, while embracing his uniqueness created by God in a simple story. Voice of Hope is comprised of inspirational poems and words to soothe and comfort the soul. It tackles and addresses fears, roadblocks, betrayal, self-doubt, social injustice, and other issues that may have, and have, arisen in anyone's life. It's thought-provoking and stirs up social norms and practices.

Sometimes it reflects and laments over choices made i Shiloh, the horse Marly had claimed as her own from the moment they had arrived, was surrounded by a pack of wolves. They were snipping and biting at her legs. While visiting their grandparent's millpond home Drew and Addison meet and become fast friends with Virgil.

Virgil is an old Canada goose; the lone survivor of twelve goslings delivered and then released by USPS. Across his many migrations Virgil has always enjoyed sharing the twelve's glorious history. Until Drew and Addison, and a young mated pair, Eagan a There was an English heir in Portland who needed servants, and Lynn Emerald was willing to take the job. The title Watchman! What of the Night? The title Who's Paying Attention? Included in the title logic is the use of specific help-aids in the form of Bibles, dictionaries, atlases, etc.

God never chooses one of the eleven disciples to reveal what happened at Calvary but chose a persecutor of the church, a very religious, observer of the Law, an individual named Saul. Later, after his conversion, the mystery of the gospel is revealed to him by the revelation of Jesus Christ. He Paul becomes the very first and only to preach, teach, and wri He scores! Bryan is a huge basketball fan and enjoys mimicking the players from the teams.

In this amusing yet heartwarming story, Bryan learns from his family that becoming a professional athlete takes a lot of determ Do you believe in dragons? Neither did David and his family until, one night, everything changed with finding a little lizard. Talking his parents into keeping the lizard as a pet was just the beginning until the little lizard started changing and growing. At least, they thought it was a lizard. Follow a family as they learn anything is possible even if you In there were , children and teens across America removed from their homes and placed into foster care.

The majority brought with them trauma from neglect and abuse they had experienced early in life. For over 45 years, Bruce T. Anderson has worked with hundreds of youth who have known trauma firsthand. Many have learned to breathe Red: The Color of Murder is a mystery set in the s. Jo Lewis, a nineteen-year-old girl, finds herself in jail for the murder of her mother. The trauma has caused psychogenic amnesia. Fighting to remember, Jo is exasperated by inmates, prodded by a psychiatrist, and questioned by her lawyer. Her mind wanders to the past to avoid thinking about her mother This book will unlock the meaning and pattern of worship, provide a How To for personal and congregational worship, and equip you for greater success in your spiritual battles, most importantly, the study of this book brings you into the presence of the LORD.

If you are looking for a deeper walk with God, this book is for you! Jeremy Peters is a seventeen-year-old senior. He is searching for something. Despite having a girlfriend who loves him, a best friend who is completely loyal, and is the star of the high school football team, he is still searching.

Jeremy suffers a potential career-ending injury and then begins a true internal search, which will impact him for the rest of hi Here Come the Romans is a progressive survey on the historical influence of Rome and how it influenced the times, events, customs, religious institutions, and specifically the life of Jesus, the Jewish people, and the New Testament. Its progressive style guides the reader through a six-hundred and seventy-five-year period of selected history to educa Allison is not your typical alligator.

She's sophisticated and refined and prefers the finer things in life. The uncivilized reptiles of her swamp think she is foolish, but Allison will stop at nothing to convince them there is more to life than the murky waters of their swamp. Will her latest plan work? The age-old German-chasing-the-Jew tale takes a different turn in this book as the conflicts of World War II are seen through the eyes of a Nazi's young adolescent son. To Alfonso, it's confusing that while he gets in trouble for bullying at school, his father then turns around and becomes a hero for shooting a group of Jews.

While General Adelric sit Every Scar Tells a Story is based on true events. It is filled with stories that will blow your mind in total unbelief. The life story of Jack Hawley is filled with despair and total chaos. It is a story about a young boy who has lost all hope after being dropped off at a boys' home at the age of five.

Jack had to find his way to survive. It was a long road This book has been designed specifically for the woman or man who has experienced the devastation of an unanticipated, undeserved divorce and profoundly desires to heal. It offers a practical, real world format that is focused on a multiplicity of proven healing strategies and suggestions.

Do you have the desire to understand who you are and what makes you persevere to become greater? Having a low self-esteem can hinder you from achieving your dreams. It is vital to know that because we have an all-loving Father who created us in a realm of love that we can love ourselves. It is vital to know that Christ Jesus paid the price so that we can and AP is an interesting guy. He'd spent half a lifetime touring the country with different bands and musical acts, as a roadie and a tech, and he has the stories to prove it.

Near and dear to his heart is the band that started it all, Known Entity. AP's passion for Known Entity's music and band members unleashes a journey of discovery filled with moments Four Kittens in the Bathroom is a story about a feral cat that came to our backyard for a free meal and stayed to have three litters of kittens. The little calico cat, we named Mama, proved to be a great mother, very loving and caring.

Her first litter had three kittens that spent the nights in our neighbor's garage, and during the day, they came into our ya Do you remember your elementary school days when your teacher held Show and Tell? I take you back to those days. I show you how Bible prophecies written thousands of years ago are being fulfilled today! They are happening right before our eyes!

I show you how God's word and today's world tell Ever see a shoe on the side of the road and wonder how it got there or searched your house for a missing shoe never to be found? The Lost Shoe is a heartwarming tale that laces together the adventure of a Right Shoe that gets separated from his owner and Left Shoe. Dear Addiction: Cease and Desist refers to ending your on-again-off-again relationship with addiction once and for all. Usually with any attempt at a healthy sober life, there is usually a revolving door of relapse before continued sobriety.

This booklet helps to remove a lot of the tricks that addiction uses to stick around or to make returns in our A Holy Walk in the Wicked Woods testifies to the redemption found in Jesus Christ and offers support for believers who have a homosexual past or present feelings of the same. Hugh takes the reader through his development of homosexuality and depicts his journey with the Lord into a new life. Sexual attraction to one's own gender is addressed as an expression This book is also a warning to every married man considering adultery and a resource guide to those men committing adultery and want a way out or was discovered and wants to restore the marriage.

My son Jeramy just killed his first elk when we heard the blood-curdling scream of the mountain lion. Put four rounds in your magazine and one in the chamber 'cause that big cat is going to try and jump us. We had not gone far when I spotted him up in the rocks, perched like he was getting ready to jump my son.

Do you think there are trolls living under bridges? You might be right if you do! Follow this brave troll as he goes on an adventure when he smells delicious cupcakes, and his tummy is rumbling! Allow this premier collection of Anointed Living Messages to edify, encourage, and comfort you as they speak into your As the title suggests, the stories and poems included in this work express the inner feelings of an older, retired gentleman as he describes the experiences in his life from his earliest memory. Some are humorous, emotional, patriotic, and inspiring as he shares his thoughts with others who have had similar events.

They are intended to bring out the same f The MacNamara sisters are successfully living in Chicago. Annie is attending Northwestern University, and Sandy works as a senior editor at a major publishing company, a job she has dreamed of for a very long time. Their bond is stronger than ever. When Sandy wins a trip to Hawaii, the sisters have no idea the impact a chance meeting will have on the course Happy and in love, right where they wanted to be, the Mann family was about to be thrown into the ring of insecurity.

Walk with them as the Lord guides them through fear and uncertainty, trials and tribulations, danger at every turn, and new friends as well. Who can survive, and will their faith stay strong? Can their love survive the test of time? Siblings come in all shapes and sizes. They even sometimes have paws. Follow along with Brennen as he plays with his siblings Roxie, a lovable Rottweiler, and Bella, a playful Labrador retriever, and see what they like to do together.

Do your siblings have paws? In his travels to many planets, Anzar continues his mission as a messenger of peace. His family and friends travel with him to the past and the future. Their planet is Trevinia. They travel to Antarctica on a secret mission to find a wrecked spaceship. There they meet Lanzar, the lizard man. Ever thought to yourself, I wish I knew that when I was younger?

Or, why didn't somebody tell be that before now?! Of course, you have, most everyone has. The information about how money works in this book is that kind of information. It can help people who are just starting off on their own and need to know the importance of money management and what having If you need encouragement that Jesus is alive and real, you need to read their book. When I first began my journey as a pet sitter in Falmouth on Cape Cod, I had no idea where the journey would lead me. Pet sitting involves visits to clients' homes, giving peace of mind to pet owners, and eliminates the trauma that many pets experience when they are boarded in an unfamiliar environment.

You are invited to come along on a spiritual journey of dreams, visions, and revelations from the Holy Spirit. If you have ever sat in a typical Sunday church service and thought There must be more than this, then you will enjoy the information contained within these pages. It is time for the manifestation of the sons of God who will truly deny themselves an More adventure awaits DL as he discovers the Spirit in the woods on a cold winter day. The Spirit will guide and instruct him to accomplish the plan to bring peace to Collateria. He is to use what is in his possession for magic, and Toshi has just given him an arrowhead necklace for Christmas.

This will give him the power he needs to combat evil and recogni Come along to Grandpa Tidbits's as he sits in his favorite chair and recounts the day that the sun didn't shine. It's the day before the annual fall jamboree, and all the pint-sized people known as the Tidbits are excited. Everything is ready and in place. Except the next morning, there is no sun! How will the Tidbits celebrate in the dark? From the f Ronnie and the Big Red Apple is a story of a naughty boy who lets his desire to have the apple of his eye get the best of him.

When he resorts to mischievous behavior, he gets injured; and just as he recovers, his apple is lost. He learns some valuable lessons that being kind to others and patience are rewarded. Lorenza shows how God can use a child of little faith to show His strength. Lorenza's book asks, What will you do? Will you repent of your sins and turn or return to God? Or will you remain in your sin and serve Satan? Suzy and the Bug is the story of Aryanna, also known as Bug by her parents, and her cat Suzy.

When the two go to the local park one day, it is to sit and read their favorite book, The Wizard of Oz. But when they fall asleep, the two wake-up to find that they have entered Oz themselves. THE WAY to New Employment in 6 Stages is the first practical, step-by-step handbook for serious career professionals seeking to make a highly effective career transition. As a body of believers, we have over complicated what it means to love God and love others while also failing to acknowledge, understand, explain, and participate in the full commission of Jesus Christ.

Overall, the church has preached the Gospel, but has failed to teach the whole counsel of God by not instructing people how to walk in complete freedom while What would you do if you found out that your next-door neighbor carried a gun? Chelsea thinks she can't tell anybody because of a false call that she made a month ago. But things get more complicated after she and her new friend TD learn about a young boy's kidnapping and then see a strange boy at that same neighbor's house!

Of course, they decide to i The Coming Messiah: Hope for a Hurting World provides a glimpse of history and how the world arrived at this point in time by maintaining a focus on the nation of Israel. God's redemptive story is woven throughout its pages, providing encouragement and hope for those who may feel they have no hope. We see war and strife on every side, distress among nations, The Kingdom of Iridion is a divided country of Gifteds and Unfortunates, of those who are born for greatness with unique supernatural powers and of those who are born for servitude.

Nora has only known serving the Montgomery household after her Choosing Ceremony until she is given the peculiar opportunity to go to Hopses Academy, a military school ex This is a must-needed book for my race. Trying to break down the walls of hate toward one another. Time to unite as one. My book has a lot of facts that had been forgotten. It seems as if we as blacks should know how to unite, but some are still ignorant to it. This is just a reminder of what we came from and what we should have forward to look to.

Because w Waiting for My Dad is a fictional story yet so real in the lives of many young children who live with their single unmarried moms. Chad is a six-year-old little boy who awakes anticipating on meeting his dad. His mom told him that it would be the day his dream comes true.

He would meet his dad, a dad that had never been a part of his life, a dad that he had Intercessors: Who Are They? It deals with corruption, crime, lies, greed, and mental illness. It exposes the fact that one of our presidents was a homosexual along with one of our vice presidents. It deals with the hidden truth that one of our presidents was a late-stage syphilis Wind Kisses and Wind Hugs is based on a true story of how a grandma and a grandson convey a special and meaningful way to express their love for each other by sending kisses and hugs to each other delivered by the wind.

Rory accidently wanders too far into the forest by his house. Along the way to find his parents, he meets several baby animals who have also wandered too far into the forest and are looking for their parents. Join Rory and his new friends as they make their way along the path to a wonderful surprise! This is a heartwarming story of a five-year-old deaf boxer Ezekiel who diligently tries to help Dad clean the yard on a Saturday morning. Even though his intentions are good, he finds himself in the most awkward situations and gets himself into plenty of trouble.

He thinks of every excuse possible so he doesn't have to help Dad clean the yard. He sneaks to t Our author, Jeanne Arensman, is a seventy-nine-year-old mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. She has been a widow since when her husband Don died of cancer. There were eight children to raise—one son and seven daughters. Now was a time for faith and courage. This book began as a series of letters written for women facing the most challenging circumstances of their lives.

My spiritual sister, Vanessa Howard, was planning an event to celebrate cancer survivors. She called saying she wanted to bless the women with a makeover, a luncheon, and personalized gift baskets to take away. She prayed for God's guidance and This is not just another diet book. This is a road map to finding the healthiest, fittest you.


In this book, you will find step by step instructions to changing your nutrition, exercise program, and mind-set for the ultimate body transformation available. The Skogg Sixty-Day Challenge has hundreds of success stories worldwide and the only thing missin How can Magi move on with her life now that her husband is suddenly removed from it? How can she convince her children that the strength she draws from God will not diminish though they have an uncertain future? Magi has many decisions to make, not the least of which is to give in to fear or give all to God.

If she does trust Him completely, where will He ta We all search for ways to escape pain. Laura, a slave living in the nineteenth century, knows this better than anyone. Her owner promises any of his female servants freedom if she gives birth to fifteen healthy slaves.