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Finally, Rin-Tin-Tin again in a stunning pose that feels almost 3-D:. If you check on some of our previous posts you will find that we have been experimenting digitally with turning two dimensional images 2-D into three-dimensional images 3-D. Your blogmeister has been sampling new software developments with the recent advent of VR virtual reality and through headgear you can look around as in real life.

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My approach continues to be based on the original 19th century stereoscope idea: side-by-side images taken at a slightly different perspective to trick our eyes into seeing the images as 3-D. Admittedly low tech but it works.

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The key is using your cell phone to view Youtube videos in VR or, in this case, old-fashioned 3-D. I have also added original s music. Enjoy the slide show! Here is a new gallery of black-and-white to color transfers that I have made during the past several months.

List of black-and-white films that have been colorized

As the software technology improves so does my work. Alice Joyce in her home circa Alice Joyce tries her hand at archery c.

Anna May Wong at a movie premiere circa The lady is Mrs. Valentino, Natascha Rambova:. Carmel Myers snuggles up to Francis X.

“Actually, this is a really diverse cast.”

Lon Chaney in makeup for DR. Tim McCoy:.

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Clara Bow seems displeased with the attentions of Ernest Torrence and Percy Montmart as director Victor Fleming in white hat moves things along. That's right, he painted his skin several shades darker to play Othello. In this version, a young girl and boy from rival New York City gangs fall in love. So , she's Puerto Rican. See, Hollywood? It can be done. In the s TV series, he is portrayed by First Nation actor Jay Silverheels also pictured above who in real-life was a member of the Mohawk tribe.

How obsessive artists colorize old photos

The American-born actress was of mixed-European descent. Not to mention it's one of the most extravagant and expensive movies ever made. That means that it is very unlikely that Cleopatra was as fair-skinned and light-eyed as Hollywood portrays her.


The Grim Reasons Winona Ryder Vanished From Hollywood

In fact, most of the real-life blackjack team was of Asian descent but were portrayed in the film by white actors. The real Alicia was Salvadorian. The actress is of mixed-European descent. Film: "The Conqueror" was a film that chronicled the rise of Genghis Khan.

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He was of mixed-European descent. Film: "Noah" is a retelling of the biblical story of a man chosen by God and entrusted with a mission as he purges the Earth with an apocalyptic flood.

Who Was Green Book For?

Character's Background: Noah, much like other biblical figures, is from somewhere in ancient Middle East. He eventually leads the enslaved Israelites to freedom. So the question doesn't even come up. He was born in California and is of mixed-European and Jewish descent. She is of mixed-European ancestry. Today's headlines Most Read 'It felt like Tinkerbell had released her': Vinnie Jones tears up as he bravely recalls moment his beloved Or do you love a baby on a plane, too?

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