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Gaita is Professor of Moral Philosophy at King's College, University of London and Professor of Philosophy at the Australian Catholic University, so is perfectly positioned to argue "for a conception of politics in which morality is not an optional extra". His main Australian "targets" in this essay are the politicians who have the power to shape the current Australian thinking and the future of Australian society.

In other words, the current Federal Government. He's not one to take any form of criticism lightly. I can only assume that the current "silly season", when everyone is more interested in sunshine and sport, is the only thing that has kept him slavering all over the newspaper "Op-Ed" pages in response to this essay. I've been having a lot of trouble coming to terms with the re-election of the Howard coalition government in last October's Federal election.

I haven't been overly enamoured with the other side of politics the Australian Labor Party for the past several years, but I felt they had a reasonable chance this time of upsetting a government which I considered had lost its way, and lost the trust of the Australian people. The final result, where the coalition won control of both Houses of Federal Parliament, shocked and appalled me, and proved that, as a political pundit, I have no idea. John Howard and I go back a long way.

My memory of events thirty years ago may not be exactly correct but I have read recently that Howard entered Federal politics in the general election in , the election that returned the Whitlam Government. As best I can figure out, that was the first election in which I was legally entitled to vote and, given that voting is compulsory in Australia, it was the first election in which I cast a ballot.

So Howard has been a part of my visual and auditory landscape for the whole of my political life. It is not something I look back on very kindly. Howard's political history is long and detailed: he became Minister for Special Trade Negotiations in and then Treasurer in Fraser's Government in ; he was Leader of the Opposition more times than I care to remember, and was finally elected Prime Minister the position he had always coveted in March He has been in that position ever since, recently becoming the second longest-serving PM in the nation's history, only behind his hero Robert Menzies.

Whichever way you look at it, whatever side of politics you find yourself on, you have to admit that John Howard is the consummate Australian politician of his generation.

The White Queen: One Nation and the Politics of Race

No one has had anything like the effect on the Australian ethos and the way Australia is viewed by the rest of the world. Bill Bryson may not be able to remember his name from one week to the next, but George Bush sure knows where and who he is. And that state of affairs might have more to say about where this country currently finds itself than I care to think about. Australia has changed in the past ten years or so, and changed for the worse.

I'm not one to hark back to the days of my youth and see a wide land of sunny skies and bright, smiley people. The country I grew up in the sixties and early seventies was a gauche, insular backwater. Nouvelle cuisine was defined as putting mayonnaise on your fish and chips.

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Classic Popular Penguins. Green Popular Penguins. Pink Popular Penguins. Pocket Penguins. War Popular Penguins. Quarterly Essay. With grace and profundity, Malouf explores new and old ways to talk about contentment and the self. In the aftermath of the election, Megalogenis considers what has happened to politics in Australia. He dissects the cycle of polls, focus groups and presidential politics and explores what it has done to the prospect of This essay considers Australia's place between China and the US. As the power balance shifts and China's influence grows, what might this mean for the nation?

How to define the national interest in the Asian Century? It considers This irreverent, controversial account is a ground-breaking, in-depth profile that traces Rudd's years in Queensland, in China, in opposition and finally in government. Based on extensive research, observation and interviewing, it Mungo MacCallum investigates political leadership in Australia, past and present.

This is a barbed and perceptive look at the challenges facing the Rudd government and Australia. MacCallum argues that the things we used to rely on This is an essay about 'quarry vision', the mindset that sees Australia's greatest asset as its mineral and energy resources, coal especially.

protherelsinf.ga How has this distorted our national politics and our response to climate change? Timed to come out immediately after the November election in the US, it offers a series of memorable snapshots of America in fascinating flux: Bush's last days in office; sub-prime meltdowns; markets, trust and community; the Professor Tim Flannery investigates the latest climate science and the challenges facing Australia and the world. He looks at what the Rudd government needs to do if the nation is to play its part in averting a global In this riveting piece of reportage and analysis, Toohey examines the wholesale attempt to change an entrenched way of life.

He takes a perceptive, at time humorous, look at the encounter between outsiders, doctors, police, The author looks at the challenge of balancing love and economics, and the value our society places on both.

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Examining how paid work has become 'sacred' for many, she argues that any true definition of equality has to take into This is an essay about leadership, in particular Howard's style of strong leadership which led him to dominate his party with such ultimately catastrophic Australia is at a crossroads: do we need to embrace a nuclear future? In Reaction Time, Ian Lowe examines the science and the politics of nuclear power, as well as the feasible alternatives in an era of global warming.

John Howard has the loudest voice in Australia. He has cowed his critis, muffled the press, intimidated the ABC, gagged scientists, silenced NGOs, censored the arts, prosecutred leakers, criminalised protest and shut down What did George W. Bush and John Howard do to conservatism? In their wake, the conservative parties in the US and Australia seem to have lost their way.

How did the Right in Australia end up in this place? How might it renew This dazzling essay analyses today's bipolar nation , looks at the legacy of Paul Keating, and discusses how John Howard will set out to craft an election-winning strategy. It explains how the Lucky Country and the Frightened Looks past the skirmishes and pitched battles of the history wars, and asks what's at stake, what kind of history do we want and need? The author discusses what good history looks like and, more specifically, what good Australian Explores the world of evangelical Christianity.

It also looks at the use and abuse of religion in party politics. Analysing the success of Family First, Lohrey argues that Christians have far less influence than they would like, According to the author, we need a completely new politics built on the world as we find it. In his provocative new essay, he throws out a challenge to the party of social democracy, the Labour Party - to both its true believers Bestselling author John Birmingham delves into our new military myths. Why has Anzac Day returned and Vietnam faded? Why do we love war stories again? What does this mean for the troops on the ground?

Australians are relaxed and comfortable with the Liberal Party. What is the party doing right?

Stan Grant on the personal aspects of his Quarterly Essay