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Arnold New Sirens i, I, who in your train at morning Stroll'd and sang with joyful mind, Heard, at evening , sounds of warning. Moraes My Son's Father i. At for temporal messages Brown, The phrase at night implies 'evenings rather than daytime' for the regular calls, a message of temporal contrast. But, um, there actually are instances of the morning versions. It used to be much more common. Michael Owen Sartin Michael Owen Sartin 4, 4 4 gold badges 14 14 silver badges 34 34 bronze badges.

I feel no offence this answer does no more than restate the question. As Fumble precisely says in his Bounty Offering, "I know the bottom line is "it's idiomatic", but there must be some rationale. Night is simply different from morning, afternoon, etc. Night is half our life; the time when we sleep, dream, and perform secret activities. It's special and it gets special treatment. It's also scary , and gets even more special treatment for that reason. There is no conclusive etymological evidence that I could find, though etymonline suggests : In choosing between at church, in church, etc.

Wow the article quoted is utterly appalling. Look at the quoted sentence! In a box, on a floor.. These are interesting. In English time related concepts can be either "events" or "extents". You use one or the other form depending on which it is.

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Some - most? That's all there is to it: In English time related concepts can be either "events" or "extents". So that's cleared up. JoeBlow: nope. I'm sorry, of course I meant "at night". So the question remains "in the night" vs "at night". I'll delete my previous comment. Joe there's really no need to reply, besides my comment was directed at tchrist.

I've read your many many responses. However, I am, as always, still very interested in the answers being posted. For example: I usually have coffee in the morning. We meet in the evening. She's coming in the afternoon. Jimi Oke Jimi Oke You know, idiom is utterly unrelated here. If you're using a point time, you say at.. By idiom I'm referring to how language is used by its regular speakers, and that from a rather descriptive standpoint. Rules sometimes are inferred from patterns of speech. Both morning and night are periods of time, and the constructions at morning and at night are not ungrammatical, but the first you'd be hard-pressed to hear in common speech.

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I'm not sure I follow your argument. Hi Jimi! It's just due to a point versus an extent. Exactly like countable versus noncountable. If someone asked "Why do we say some milk but we can't say many milk" the answer is just "look up countable in an ESL book". It couldn't be simpler. Idiom, like "see ya mate" is utterly unrelated to the issue. So you can say "in" or "during" etc morning, January, night. And you can say "at" or "when arrives" etc January 1, daybreak, night.

But that's precisely and exactly like asking "why does dog mean dog, and not cat". Or, "why can dog mean 'dog breed' as well as 'dog', but 'cow' only means 'cow' and not 'cow breed'? Who cares? It's because we are awake during the day, and asleep throughout most of the night.

It's similar with other specific times of day, such as at midnight or at noon. For example: I'm going out at night for a walk. I'm going out in the night for a walk. This makes one think they are going out anytime between 8pm and 6am. Ford Mike. Ford 1, 8 8 silver badges 13 13 bronze badges. But if "I'm eating out tonight" it could be any time between I'm going out in the night is also not a construction that comes up in normal speech.

Hi Mari-Lou. Mike, sleeping is utterly unrelated to the issue. But other than that you're the only person who noted the incredibly obvious answer. Good one. JoeBlow Ahh! I see Mike has edited his answer. I realized later that I'd written tonight instead of night , but then I understood why I had written it that way, spontaneously without reflecting, because that's how English speaking people would normally say it.

Compare: 2 In the morning I'm going for a nice long walk and 3 At night I'm going for a nice long walk. Why shouldn't we say: 4 "In the night I'm going for a nice long walk"? But we don't! Not only are good morning texts romantic but they also are excellent relationship builders. What does it mean when he texts me in the morning? First thing in the morning, you know he's thinking of you. The only guaranteed way to win his affections, make him smile and also make him miss you more all at once are by sending him one of these adorable text messages! What if you text all the time with a guy and he tells you night every night and texts you in the morning.

A guy who only wants you for sex would not be sending you texts in the morning. This guy did both, All in one text. If you want to bring the romance back into your relationship, starting with the little yet simple things like a 'good morning text message' can make all the difference. Because he does it every morning. If you think this text is too freaky and it might scare off your partner, think again.

Let him lead, you follow softly Cute love text messages for him: You have my heart full of love: This message will definitely rekindle your relationship and maintain love among you. Watch Queue Queue. So enjoy their attention, text 'em back, and see where things go from there. A Scorpio man is a passionate person with a very clever and When you are in high school, the captain of the football team, the popular guy, or the dude who spends more time on his hair than you do will probably be more attractive to you.

So when he did do it, it mattered. Starting and ending the day with you in mind means you're the distraction that will make him smile while at work and all through the night.

Men love girls who are intelligent and have a sense of humor. A guy is most likely to text you first thing in the morning if you are somebody he thinks about a lot.

Men like to work for what they want; the harder he has to work to get you, the more valuable you will be to him. But sometimes even when you are head over heals about a man all you would get from him i 40 Good Morning Texts For Him. Basically you're the first thing they think about in the morning so it's good news. Okay, cool. What if you txt all the time with a guy and he tells you night every night and txts you in the morning.

A morning text says, "play your cards right and maybe I'll be there in the morning in real life. By Michelle Keldgord on January 16, He's obviously thinking about me. Many of us are not morning people. It's a text message. You can also see how many times you've crossed paths with a person and if you don't want to match with them, you can simply remove that profile from your timeline.

Good morning, darling! Makeup that you need is your smile and good mood will be the best accessory for you! Good morning! I want to present you the morning in Rome, the day in Barcelona and the evening in Paris! Good morning, my dear. A little early morning thought goes a heck of a long way! When you consider a man for marriage, you wish to find the one that would put you first after God in his life. You know you want to text them, you're just not sure what to say.

That means he's thinking about you and he's interested in at least talking to you again, or he may even go ahead and ask you for a second date at this time. There's 40 cute, romantic and sweet texts laid out for you to use below. It's honestly been the best relationship I've had since my divorce 2 years ago. If all he wanted to do was to legitimately wish you a good morning, then that means he cares about you beyond the confines of the bedroom.

Do not make it contingent on their acceptance of you or their feelings for you. Not a predictable guy who says the same thing every day but a reliable one, one who follows through on his word. In the future when he gets a text from you he will associate it with relief and good feelings. Flirty good morning text messages are a great way for couples in any stage of a relationship to show their affection for each other. There is no set rule that you only have to text your man in the morning and at night.

What should you do if a guy texts you hi stranger! Is it a bad thing if i texted a girl good night and she dint reply? He text me late at night and first thing in a morning. Someone from None posted a whisper, which reads "what does it mean when a guy texts you first thing in the morning just to say hi and then ends up chatting with you, via text, all day?

DO wait in between texts. It feels good to wake up in the morning and see a sweet good morning text message on your phone, it is really a good and happy way to start your day, this can result to a happier and stress-free day. This is because he will know that you are into him and very available. Late Night Texts Dahv Logic. You have to be willing to make a move. My girls and I used to huddle over one of our phones, trying to decipher boy-talk texts.

Receiving a cute good morning text can make the dullest and laziest of mornings bright.


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If he can't wait until lunchtime to talk to you, he wants to date you. It gives special attention to the guy and make 6. Is it a bad thing if i texted a girl good night and she dint reply but read it? You're yawning. Morning texts are one of the best signs a girl is flirting through text.

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If a guy you like texts you all the time, even if the messages don't seem to have much content, that's a big deal. Watch Queue Queue You should also focus on the positives of dating a shorter guy, such as how easy it is to kiss him without having to strain to reach him. He will understand that you mean that he is so sweet but you just decided to put in a creative way.

If you like the girl that sent you the text, then you need to do something about it. But worry no more because I made a list of the most common good morning texts for him that will definitely sweep him off his feet. I'm just bored, OK? Morning v. If he sends you texts every single morning, it doesn't matter what they say, because he's totally into you.

An early morning texter is definitely into you. It is a legitimately bad time of day for him. He texts you just to say "Good morning" or "I'm thinking about If he texts you regularly, you can initiate once as a part of being unpredictable say for every texts he initiates. He may be considering a greater commitment. Texting is a wonderful dating tool!

It was great to meet you. When a guy recieved message when he get awake, he will be feel happy and it can make to him smile, and to have his good morning, and if he response on your message it means he like that you greet him. When you text her, you are simply reminding her of the connection you had, and if you managed to make her feel attracted to you when you first met her, she will be excited to see that you are interested in her and are not messing her around like other guys do.

Good morning, you sexy thing! He wouldn't be chatting with you all hours of the day if he wasn't crazy about you. Did you know that kissing burns 6. Good Morning Messages for Friends.

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If he has other signs of a great guy A good morning text is the equivalent of a Facebook poke: lazy, unimaginative, and sometimes even creepy especially if you just met the person the night before. Morning texts. Here's a little something to get you through your day [insert sexy pic not nude ].

If he wasn't interested, he would not waste his time calling you. With these super sweet and flirty good morning texts for him, you will make his day and keep him yearning for more! Well, this is obviously a big turn on for your guy when you send him sexy text messages like this. Mundane conversations are actually a positive thing.

But while you're hard to communicate with because you're oblivious, girls make the process difficult on purpose. That's a bit over-eager. You want to warm their heart, silently telling them that you thought about them from the moment your eyes opened up. Hope your day is going wonderfully. These texts will help you to strengthen your relationship with your man and let him know just how passionately you feel about him.

If you want to turn him on and make him crave you like no other, add a pinch of spice to your texts, and that should do the trick. Morning texts are basic. D on the way. When a guy really cares about you, he'll start and finish your days in this warm manner. We have compiled a list of some of our favorite things you can say to him to help get both of your mornings off to a smiling start! If you're guy sends you a good morning text for you to see when you wake up without him, chances are he's excited about you and your new relationship.

Answer 1 of 3 : If a guy texts you first thing in the morning, this is a really good sign. Yeah, I said it; you're not the only ones making that Saturday night hookup overly complicated. These guys would only make contact with you if they were feeling thirsty for some action in bed. All that a woman wants when she is attracted to a man is to have him feel the same way about her.

You might want to jot some of these down, you can thank us later. Sorry for such a long introductory email, but I hope you get a chance to read this and respond. Thank-you for the video and talk, I will be diving into more of the details you discussed in the coming days. Hopefully some of that snow in NY is starting to melt! Woah — this is way too much work to read. You could take all the info above and boil it down into three simple sentences:. Does your advice in the video still apply? I know that a lot of the background info is missing, but people tend to think that they need to provide way more info than the reader actually needs.

I took your April skillshare omrails class. It was a great intro class. I have a question if you can give me some suggestions. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for the One Month Rails class! Quick question: Do you know of any classes like the Hartl Tutorial but for iPhone apps? The second is way easier to read and figure out what exactly the person is asking you. I often respond to those immediately by asking: What do you want me to do?

Do you want me introduce you to someone? Do you want me to read your blog post and give you feedback? Be clear and say it explicitly up front. Couldyou please help me in any way possible I really want you to respond. Compare the email above to something more concrete:.

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