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Not only young talent, even small and medium enterprises too can play a critical role, that of change agent by way of leveraging their innovative and persistent effort and dynamic leadership which is inclusive towards all the stakeholders.

Creating cultures and ecosystems where such mindsets thrive is very important. Creativity, innovation, problem solving and sustainability -these skills must converge to promote the greatest social sustainable cause.

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Understanding the needs which can be addressed in a manner that can uplift lifestyles, cultures, mindsets and people are very critical in social entrepreneurship. In all these , collaboration plays a major role to maximize the impact. The addressable solutions can be in any form and apply in different domain of interest; Health, wellness, education for all, supporting the business of the lesser privileged class, affordable utilities, public transport, empowerment of women and skill development of the youth.

Beginning with issues close to your heart in any small way paves the path for a bigger way. Being flexible and adaptive to the current issues at hand along the way ensures that needs are addressed effectively and efficiently. Impact investing wherein you pool in your investments and invest in meaningful ventures such as information transparency among the farmers or creating an employment ecosystem for the youngsters is an important way of having positive change.

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Another way could be creation of information resources for investors interested to invest in profitable social ventures and also creation of database of social ventures and give insights on their model and profit horizon. Matching this information Gap could be critical in meeting the challenges. Most entrepreneurs would agree that there are great opportunities that lie at the base of the pyramid.

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The challenges we face today can be turned into opportunities by bridging the information gap and aspiration gap. Yet another way could be Encouraging Education by building sustainable models that encourage skills development and self dependence among the children and adults alike. Sensitizing people and encouraging them to this way of thinking-the social entrepreneurship mindset- will yield positive results over a period of time.

We could begin with one agenda at a time. It could be anything from Clean energy solutions, Infrastructure, girls empowerment and addressing needs of orphans and aged people.

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  • There is no end to the possibilities of doing social good by the way of social entrepreneurship. The idea of bringing a small, impactful change begins with an entrepreneurial vision. One such globally recognized example is to bring the micro credit facility to the rural poor in developing countries to solve the need and the scarcity of funding options. But far less attention has been paid to social innovation, despite pressing needs in fields as diverse as chronic disease and climate change. It looks at the history of great social innovators — from Robert Owen to Wangari Maathai — and at what can be learned from research in related fields, including science and technology, design, social enterprise and public policy.

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    It makes the case for much more systematic initiatives to tap the ubiquitous intelligence that exists in every society and shows the practical ways in which successful social innovation can be accelerated. Can social service providers serve high needs clients while generating revenue to sustain their organizations?

    Can we document the social and economic impact of successful university—community research partnerships? Finally, what role can government play in investing or strengthening such partnerships that have potential to benefit multiple sectors of society?

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    We invite USF Researchers and Tampa Bay area practitioners to submit proposals for roundtable discussion on some aspect of community engaged research. The roundtables should include a presentation no longer than 30 minutes in length, with opportunities thereafter for questions and discussion involving all participants.

    http://creatoranswers.com/modules/williamson/80.php We would like to see roundtables conclude with some sort of "takeaway" for researchers and practitioners. Budget permitting, limited resources may be available to presenters to invite community partners or support preparation of presentation materials.

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    We anticipate having information about funding by the end of August. A presentation on the formation of a research partnership, focused on the roles and expectations of academic and practitioner partners. A presentation that shares research results in progress from a community engaged research project, focused on research process, research methods, or means of disseminating research findings.