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Negative space is the unused space between all the elements on your website. It could be the empty space between the header and your texts or pictures and the navigation bars. Although this space is empty, it is quite useful when it comes to good web design. It is one of the elements that give the website that visual appeal that everyone wants.

For example, it makes the content more readable aside from making the website navigable and easy to scan through. Using negative space can also increase the number of time that people spend on your site and therefore, it is likely to get you more customers. You also should focus on layouts and graphics.

The number of pages of your site and the actual size of a page determines how much it will appeal to potential customers.

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The time that your pages take to load have a direct effect on your conversion rate. In fact, a fraction of a second longer can lower conversion rates. Most internet users are impatient, they will be likely to head over to an alternative website once they find out that yours is taking too long. You should then ensure that speeds are acceptable.

You can easily do this by checking your speeds online. There are websites that can help you to check speeds for free so that you can improve if your site loads too slowly. At the end of the day, what you want is a higher conversion rate because it is the only way you can grow your online business and increase your earning potential. Take these tips in consideration when designing your site and you will see your sales grow steadily. Video is the future. It might even be the present now.

Marketing experts say that it is no longer in doubt that video holds a significant influence on the future of internet marketing. It is, in fact, the second largest search engine in the world after Google. It makes sense. After all, video marketing show customers not just static images of your products, rather a live version of it.

Because of this high demand for videos, every marketer and website creator should find the perfect way to include videos in their content. Again, why do you need video content? The following are just a few of many:. The reason some marketers do not always get the full benefits of video content marketing strategies is that they do not know how to apply what they know. The actions you take will always determine what you achieve. Interestingly, some of the most effective ways to include video in marketing are the ones that are overlooked most. Here are five sure-fire actions that you can take today to realize fast results.

You can use videos to boost your products or services by teaching people about their features. Use them as an avenue to showcase your products by focusing on their best features. To persuade viewers to purchase the items, you must show them how it solves their problems. It could be an animated video, or a short preview as long as it perfectly serves the purpose. After creating such videos, you should find the perfect place to upload them.

You also can send them through emails and other communication channels. You can even make a short clip of it and promote it on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, linking it to the full video either in your website or in YouTube. Indeed, there are so many ways you can promote and cross-promote it! Before you get started, take a look at these 5 powerful tips for making your explainer video. Webinars can be used to engage an audience and build strong followings for your brand. It is one of the content marketing strategies that can be used to reach the whole world in an instant.

In order to use videos perfectly for webinars, you should start by identifying what your audience wants. Different kinds of brands require different types of webinars. You may also want to try new tricks just to ensure that your audience does not get fed up of the same old techniques. Remember, different strokes for different folks!

If you want to increase the open rate of your emails, you should consider using videos. When customers want to know more about your products and services, they will be more persuaded to watch videos than to click on links that lead them to other endless reading materials. The best part is that sometimes, all that you need is to insert a link.

Make sure, however, to include short descriptions of the videos. You need to convince your readers to open your email and click on the video link. You would want it to look appealing to your audience so that they will be tempted to click. It is already common knowledge that almost every customer who wants to buy anything online will read a few reviews before making a choice.

Therefore, they will also be willing to watch testimonial videos, especially because you know that videos add more life to the reviews. To begin with, start asking satisfied customers to either submit a video saying how happy they are about the products or ask them if they would be willing to be interviewed via Skype video about their experiences with your products. You can also interview a customer live and just edit out your questions. This way, potential customers will see them and check them out. Social media allows you to instantly connect to billions of audience members the world over.

With mobile applications usage becoming the foremost method to interact with online content, social media applications that let you share videos are marketers most valuable tools. This makes applications like Instagram the holy grail of online marketing. Lucky for you, we have you covered with the ultimate guide to growing your online business using Instagram. Pair your knowledge of Instagram stories with your knowledge of millennial trends to entice younger generations to become brand loyalists. Even though it only takes a few seconds to produce, it will create lasting effects.

Keep in mind , however, since stories expire after 24 hours, make sure to save them, so you can compile and incorporate them into re-marketing campaigns down the road. Since video and content marketing are becoming more inseparable, start thinking of how to come up with appealing videos to complement your content strategies.

As a web designer, nobody will share your videos if they are not appealing. Incorporate Instagram advertising through stories to supplement your larger marketing video production. You will see that the investment you put into Instagram videos will pay in the long run. In November , mobile web usage exceeded desktop internet requests for the first time. Since then, users have not looked back and the trend towards mobile is continuing.

This movement has not escaped the website builders ecosystem, and the concept of mobile-first design has rapidly increased in popularity. In order to uncover why more and more people are turning to this mobile-first approach, it is important to understand what it is. Simply put, mobile first refers to building a website with smartphone and tablet users in mind as the primary users.

Only once they are considered, will a designer turn to desktop users. Similar to standard website creation, mobile first can be broken down into two different categories: design and implementation. Historically speaking, web designers have used a top-down approach, creating websites built to work on larger screens and then focusing on smaller devices.

Although there was no reason to not use this method at the time, we have now reached a point where more than one tenth of Americans are mobile-only users , with even greater numbers in other parts of the world. When it comes to mobile devices, websites need to function very differently. Elements that look and function well on a desktop site are often unsuitable for mobile users. The luxury of high internet speeds on WiFi and connected networks are often not available to mobile users, especially those living in rural areas.

Mobile first design focuses on smartphone users, taking into consideration not only the smaller screen size but also the capability of the average mobile device and the necessity for greater compression and smaller file sizes. A mobile version of a website will often have less copy, few images, and streamlined navigation. There are two ways to create a website from a technical standpoint that will result in a mobile-optimized experience: server-side agent detection and client-side responsive design.


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A site designed with server-side detection implementation serves a different version of a website to visitors based on their device. This kind of specialized technical design differs from the now-common responsive web design. A mobile responsive site is one that uses all or most of the elements on a desktop site and simply scales them down, without necessarily reducing the size of the files it contains or the number of elements that the page will load. You can see this concept in action on this page by resizing the page larger and smaller.

Although responsive design is easy to implement and maintains the aesthetic and flow of a desktop site, it often consumes more data than necessary, loads more slowly, and can result in negative SEO consequences. In April , Google announced that their mobile search algorithm would prioritize mobile-optimized websites. This meant that, for the first time, having a mobile-friendly website really mattered so much so that Google, a company that is notoriously secretive about their methods, revealed it publicly and served as one of the factors for ranking on the mobile search engine results page.

Simply put, a mobile-first website design can result in a greater number of users, a lower bounce rate, and, ultimately, greater profits — especially as the number of users who are mobile-only continues to rise and the demand for mobile media and shopping experiences increases. Not only is mobile-first design important, it is affecting website builders more and more, too.

Many modern website builders provides users a choice of how their website displays on mobile devices. This gives users full control over how a site displays when accessed from a smartphone and can even take advantage of the features of the device that are not available on desktop PCs.

These features include geolocation, camera usages, and even creating a direct link to your address and phone number, so that users can easily find you on a map and call you if they want to know more about you.

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Mobile first also takes other important factors into consideration, including how people interact with their devices. Instead of clumping many links and buttons into a small area, mobile-first websites are designed for large human thumbs. They also focus on other user experience elements, like easy-to-read text and swipe-able elements. If you do opt for a mobile-first website, think outside the box, always consider your user experience, and prepare to achieve great things!

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Websites are the face that represents your brand on the internet. Your website should be search engine friendly, have code compliance, easy to use, optimized for mobile users, look great etc. One of the mistakes that small businesses tend to do is to design their websites cheaply to save money.

A poor web design will portray a negative picture of your business, leading to lost income opportunities. Implementing simple navigation tactics in your website design ensures that your customers can easily do want they want to do. This is one of the basic principles of effective web design. Employing simple and intuitive navigation aspects to your website will make it easy for people to notice it and to navigate around it. One of the common mistakes that most website designers do is making the navigation menu hard to find. What do you do? Do you try to look for it?

Probably the second option, right? All your website buttons should also be functioning, and there should be sense as well in how the links are organized.

Take some time to plan your website structure even before you begin building it to avoid all these mistakes. According to Google, it has been estimated that about 82 percent of smartphone users turn to their portable mobile gadgets before making a purchasing decision. It is even confirmed that mobile searches exceeded desktop search in If your site is not mobile-friendly yet, start implementing changes now. Enable mobile internet users and consumers to visit your website easily from their devices.

By making it mobile friendly, you are likely to see an average of 12 percent increase in visibility in Google mobile. The common name for mobile friendly is responsive website, you can read more about responsive websites here. It includes Meta descriptions, alt texts, and title tags. Search engines look at those to determine where they will direct people searching for related items. Giving your website a unique and descriptive Meta description should be a priority, as it is what a user or consumer sees first when they visit your website.

You should ensure then that your website designer gives your website pages unique titles that coincide with the keywords goals.

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All your titles, Meta descriptions, Alt tags, and main page headers should clearly indicate what they are representing on your website. This will make it easier for both your audience and the search engines to easily know and find what they are looking for. The main aim of your website is to make visitors find and understand what they are looking for. You need to make sure your landing page or home page is clear and easily understandable. Avoid busy designs and confusing layouts to make it easy for both your customers and the search engines.

You should also choose legible font styles and the best font sizes for easy readability. Although it is always good to be creative especially when it comes to website design those curling fonts do reflect your personality, right? Images are an important part of web design and can be a great tool when used properly. However, when you use irrelevant images or low-quality ones, you may confuse your readers. You should also note that images are among the website elements that are always ignored by search engines. This is because search engines understand text more than images.

You should, therefore, use images that are of high quality and, thereafter, optimize them to fit the design of your website. In web design, having too many ads are discouraged because it is likely to frustrate your website visitors. Despite that, pop-ups can also be a great tool for increasing your email sign ups. You should analyze your ads well and do away with the ones that you are sure will annoy your visitors while keeping the ones that work. It is better to always have your target audience in mind when designing your website so that you have pop-ups that are relevant and not obstructive to your audience.

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