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Article from: TDM 6 , in Compensation and Damages in International Investment Arbitration Introduction This article tries to identify the most important principles which should be observed in the process of calculation of compensation and damages in international legal proceedings. To read this article you need to be a subscriber Sign in Username Password Forgot password?

Sign in. Since states are few in number, diverse and atypical in character, unindictable, lacking a centralised sovereign power, and their agreements unpoliced and decentralised, [52] then, says Wight, 'international society is not a society at all. The condition of international relations is best described as international anarchy;.

This is why international politics is called power politics War is the only means by which states can in the last resort defend vital interests On the subject of treaty law, Charles de Gaulle said this; 'Treaties are like pretty girls, or roses; they last only as long as they last. For Hans Morgenthau , international law is the weakest and most primitive system of law enforcement.

Its decentralised nature makes it similar to the law that prevails in preliterate tribal societies. Morgenthau asserts that no state may be compelled to submit a dispute to an international tribunal, making laws unenforceable and voluntary. Later surveys have produced similar contradictory results.


Syria, chemical weapons and the limits of international law

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the 18th-century political treatise, see The Law of Nations. Regulations governing international relations. Main article: History of international law. See also: Monism and dualism in international law. Main article: Law of the Sea. Main articles: Intergovernmental organization and Global administrative law.

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See also: Conflicts of laws. Main articles: International human rights law and Human rights. International labour sources.

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Workers' Representatives Convention, Minimum Wage Fixing Convention, Holidays with Pay Convention Revised , Indigenous and Tribal Peoples Convention, Termination of Employment Convention, Employment Policy Convention, Private Employment Agencies Convention, Employment Promotion and Protection against Unemployment Convention, Social Security Minimum Standards Convention, Singapore Ministerial Declaration 13 December Brussels I Regulation EC , recital 13, arts Rome I Regulation EC recitals , art 8.

Ravat v Halliburton Ltd []. Main articles: International labour law and Labour law. Main articles: International environmental law and Environmental law. Main article: World Trade Organization. Main article: Law of war. Main articles: International humanitarian law and Geneva conventions. Main articles: International criminal law and International Criminal Court. This section needs expansion. You can help by adding to it. October Main article: International Court of Justice. Main article: East African Community.

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New Diplomatic Activities of the European Union and the Limits of International Law

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    The Limits of International Law

    International Law. Cambridge University Press. Shaw, M. International law at Wikipedia's sister projects. Law portal Crime portal. Contract theory Critical legal studies Comparative law Feminist Fundamental theory of canon law Law and economics Legal formalism History International legal theory Principle of legality Rule of law Sociology.

    Category Index Outline. International criminal law. Crime portal. Crimes against international law. International courts in order of foundation. Command responsibility Superior orders Joint criminal enterprise Law of war Universal jurisdiction Non-combatant. Western world and culture. Athens Rome Jerusalem. International human rights instruments. Declarations, manifestos, and resolutions. The broad rights protected in these conventions include the right to life and due process , freedom from discrimination and torture, and freedom of expression and assembly.

    The right to self-determination and the rights of persons belonging to minority groups are protected by the convention on civil and political rights. In addition, the UN has established a range of organs and mechanisms to protect human rights, including the Commission on Human Rights replaced in by the Human Rights Council. Human rights protections also exist at the regional level. The best-developed system was established by the European Convention on Human Rights , which has more than 40 state parties as well as a court that can hear both interstate and individual applications.

    In addition to the rights granted to individuals, international law also has endowed them with responsibilities. Individual responsibility was affirmed in the Geneva Conventions and their additional protocols and was affirmed and put into effect by the statutes that created war crimes tribunals for Yugoslavia and Rwanda , both of which prosecuted, convicted, and sentenced persons accused of war crimes.

    The Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court , which entered into force in , also provides for individual international criminal responsibility. International law. Article Media. Info Print Print.

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