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BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Languages Add links. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Ruby visits the gravestone of her mother, Summer Rose , on a snowy cliff. Later, she encounters a pack of Grimm Beowolves in a clearing. Ruby engages the monsters in combat, defeating and killing all of them.

Weiss performs a song in a concert hall. The performance of the song is merged with another scene, in which she fights a giant white suit of armor in combat. Despite sustaining an injury to her left eye, she is able to defeat it. Blake and Adam invade a train and attack its security robots. Adam's cold behavior startles Blake, and after a fight with a spider robot, she separates their train compartments, leaving him.

At a night club, Yang interrogates the club owner Junior about the whereabouts of Raven Branwen, her mother. Junior attacks her with his henchmen, including two young women, Melanie and Miltia. Yang manages to defeat all of them, flying into a rage when Junior activates her Semblance. Yang exits the club and finds her sister, Ruby. Goodwitch introduces her to the headmaster of Beacon Academy, Professor Ozpin. Impressed, Ozpin allows her to enroll in Beacon Academy despite her age. On her first day of school, Ruby gets off to a bad start with Weiss Schnee , after knocking over her luggage and causing an explosion with dust.

Among others, she also meets Blake Belladonna and Jaune Arc. Ruby becomes concerned about making new friends during the initiation the next day, while Yang tries to help her befriend Blake. The next morning, the students prepare for their initiation and are tasked to return with a relic found in the forest. During initiation, the students choose their partners. Ruby and Weiss are paired together, as with Jaune with Pyrrha. Yang and Blake are paired together, as with Nora and Ren.

Ruby and Weiss get into an argument, while Yang and Blake have found the relics. Jaune and Pyrrha are attacked by a Deathstalker, a scorpion type Grimm, which chases them into the temple. As the eight students reunite at the temple, they are all attacked by Grimm. Weiss becomes infuriated when she sees Ruby goofing around in class, feeling that she is not serious about being a Huntress.

Weiss defeats a Boarbatusk, a boar-type Grimm, for Port's class demonstration, with the help of Ruby's advice. After class, the two argue over Ruby's qualifications as a leader. Ozpin advises Ruby to be more responsible, while Port tells Weiss to be more humble. Under their advice, Ruby and Weiss put aside their differences. Cardin continues to bully Jaune as the class discusses racism towards Faunus and the White Fang. Jaune admits to Pyrrha that he enrolled in Beacon Academy using fake transcripts, which Cardin overhears. Having had enough, Jaune stands up to him.

Jaune helps Cardin by defeating the Ursa, aided by Pyrrha's Semblance, and tells him to leave him alone from now on. He makes amends with Pyrrha. Weiss and Blake get into a heated argument over the Faunus and the White Fang.

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When Blake accidentally reveals that she is a Faunus, she runs away with Sun, a monkey Faunus she encountered earlier at the docks, in fear of rejection. In a post-credits scene, Torchwick is visited by his superior, Cinder , and two of her associates. Ozpin stops Glynda from reprimanding them and says that they might not be able to enjoy themselves for long. General James Ironwood , head of the Atlas military and Academy, arrives at Beacon with several military airships in tow, which Ozpin fears will alarm the citizens.

Meanwhile, Blake begins to open up to her teammates, concerned about the enemies and admitting that they are not ready to stop them. Ruby decides that their team should investigate for any leads on possible future attacks. To find clues on the enemies' next move, Ruby and Weiss investigate the Schnee Dust Company files for robberies; Blake and Sun spy on a White Fang recruitment rally; and Yang and Neptune broker with Junior for information.

After the soldiers give chase, Penny saves Ruby from getting hit by a truck, revealing that she is a robot. Penny reveals herself to be the first synthetic person capable of generating an Aura, and Ruby accepts this. He unveils a stolen Paladin and uses it to pursue Blake and Sun after recognizing them. Team RWBY compiles information from their investigation and deduces that the White Fang is carrying out their activities in Vale's southeast territory.

In between this, the students are also preparing for the Vytal Tournament Festival Ball, but Blake is focused on their mission and Weiss rejects Jaune's invitation. In the dorms, Mercury reveals he used the practice match to analyze Pyrrha's fighting abilities, and Cinder decides to include her as a pawn in her plan.

Blake exhausts herself in her research for Torchwick and the White Fang, worrying her teammates. Yang confronts Blake about her obsession by confiding in her an incident in her childhood where she nearly causes Ruby and herself to get killed over a dangerous journey to look for her missing mother. Blake heeds Yang's advice and attends the tournament ball. During the Vytal Tournament Festival Ball, Jaune reconciles his friendship with Pyrrha and gets over his insecurities. Meanwhile, a disguised Cinder infiltrates the CCT tower and plants a virus in the central computer.

She flees before Ruby and Ironwood uncover her identity, her mission successful. Ruby is questioned about the intruder in Ozpin's office and links her to Torchwick and the White Fang. Afterwards, the first year students gather for their first mission: shadowing a professional Huntsmen or Huntress on an assignment. Team RWBY volunteers for an assignment southeast that is off-limits for first years, but Ozpin allows them to accept it.

She falls into an underground city with secret tunnels to Vale, where she is subdued by the Faunus and brought before Torchwick. Ruby's teammates and Oobleck rescue her, but Torchwick's train begins to take off to the city, using bombs to destroy the cave and allowing the Grimm to follow them. The train crashes into the city, where the Grimm emerge and begin to attack. In a post-credits scene, Yang encounters Raven, who takes off her mask and reveals a startling resemblance to her. Victorious, the girls visit the festival fairgrounds for lunch.

Weiss is excited to see her stern older sister Winter , who arrived with the airship. Qrow provokes Winter into a fight, which is later stopped by Ozpin and Ironwood. In private, Qrow reports that the festival has been infiltrated. Emerald and Mercury easily defeat Coco and Yatsuhashi in their fight.

Afterwards, Qrow is suspicious about the fact that violence and crime in Vale stopped after Torchwick's arrest and warns Ruby and Yang that danger is imminent.

The Girl in the Painting

At the same time, Winter trains Weiss on developing her summoning ability. As Weiss and Winter part ways, both are unaware that Weiss summoned a small white sword. They defeat both opponents, gaining their respect. In the dorms, Cinder discovers Penny's structural designs among the data stolen from Ironwood's scroll. Meanwhile, Qrow and Ozpin nominate Pyrrha as a candidate for their "guardian.

Pyrrha is faced with the decision to accept the Fall Maiden 's Aura and powers, a process that could fail or make her lose her identity.

Under a Painted Sky Book Review

Meanwhile, the Vytal Festival Tournament proceeds to its singles match, with Yang and Mercury fighting in the first round. Yang wins, but Emerald uses her Semblance to trick her into attacking a defenseless Mercury. The audience becomes angry and the Grimm outside Vale stir from the negative emotions. In a flashback, Cinder recruits Emerald and Mercury. Qrow intervenes, but Cinder is successful in stealing half of her powers. With her new abilities, Cinder forces the White Fang to cooperate. In the present, Emerald, Cinder and Neo fly Mercury out of Amity Colosseum, revealing that Mercury was never injured from Yang's attack due to his prosthetic legs.

Yang is disqualified from the tournament, while Pyrrha remains conflicted about Ozpin's offer. Jaune indirectly encourages to go through with becoming the Fall Maiden, causing her to be upset. On her way to the arena, Ruby meets Velvet, who remembers that Coco had a similar hallucination to Yang. Ruby becomes suspicious when she spots Emerald in the arena, but before she is able to reach her, she is confronted by Mercury. Everyone is horrified, and Cinder takes control over the computers to blame all incidents on Ozpin and Ironwood in a public broadcast.

The negative emotions of the people are amplified, causing hordes of Grimm to attack Beacon Academy. Neo breaks Torchwick out of prison and they gain control of Ironwood's flagship. Meanwhile, Adam and the White Fang arrive at Beacon. As the Grimm attack continues, Ruby gains the support of the other teams from the school to fight as the Huntsmen teachers also fend off the Grimm in various locations.

Torchwick uploads Cinder's virus on Ironwood's flagship, seizing control of Atlesian androids and Paladins. A giant Grimm dragon bursts out of Mountain Glenn and flies towards Beacon, spawning more Grimm onto the battlefield. While Cinder has her associates broadcast the wreckage, she follows Ozpin, Pyrrha, and Jaune back into the tower.

Ruby fights Neo and Torchwick.

Neo is thrown off the ship, and Torchwick is devoured by a Grimm. As the rest of the students fight the Paladins at school, Velvet uses her Semblance while Weiss summons the sword-arm of an Armored Knight. Meanwhile, Adam punishes Blake for her "betrayal" by destroying everything she loves, starting by cutting off Yang's arm. In the vault, Ozpin starts to transfer Amber's powers into Pyrrha, but Cinder kills Amber before the process is completed, stealing her remaining powers.

In a post-credits scene, Qrow follows Ruby and her friends under the guise of a crow. At night, Ruby finds a small village in the distance under attack by Grimm. After defeating them, including the gorilla-type Beringel, she receives a call from Jaune, Nora and Ren and asks them to hurry to her side as more Grimm emerge. Salem targets Haven Academy in Mistral next.

While Cinder stays with Salem for rehabilitation, Watts is ordered to meet with a correspondent in Mistral, Hazel to meet with Adam, and Tyrian to apprehend Ruby. As part of the reward, the village's blacksmith upgrades Jaune's equipment with metal from Pyrrha's armor. The group leaves for Shion Village, hoping to catch an airship to Haven Academy.

Book: Betrayal in Death

Jacques Schnee forces Weiss to perform at a charity event, which he hosts to boost the company image after the Fall of Beacon. A mortally wounded Huntsman reveals that bandits, followed up by Grimm, are responsible. Blake travels to Menagerie on a ship, which falls under the attack of a Grimm. She defeats it with the help of Sun, who secretly followed her after Beacon was destroyed. He offers her assistance in investigating the White Fang, but Blake, however, wants to return home to rest. In Patch, Yang is given a bionic arm from Ironwood, but she is hesitant to try it on, still suffering from her memories of Adam.

Ozpin, who is still alive, emerges and communicates with a young farmboy, Oscar Pine. In Patch, Yang confides her reluctance in confronting her fears in Taiyang, as well as Port and Oobleck, who are visiting. Gaining resolve to fight, Yang attaches her arm and begins to train with Taiyang. At the nearby tavern, Qrow meets his twin sister, Raven, now the leader of the bandit tribe that raised her and Qrow.

The two end up criticizing each other for abandoning their families, and Raven leaves. Blake and Sun arrive in Kuo Kuana, the main city of Menagerie. Two representatives of the White Fang, Corsac and Fennec Albain , visit the Belladonnas, and when confronted about the White Fang's role in the Fall of Beacon, the Albains state that a splinter group under Adam's lead is responsible.

Painted Sky

After their visit, Corsac and Fennec agree to inform Adam of Blake's homecoming. Weiss performs at the charity concert but remains critical of all the attendees and guests for their shallow and dismissive behavior towards Beacon. At the after party, she is enraged upon hearing a woman mock the Fall of Beacon and inadvertently summons a Boarbatusk. Before they can leave, Tyrian ambushes them and is revealed to be a scorpion Faunus.

He easily defeats them but is stopped in time by Qrow. Ozpin informs Oscar that their souls and Aura have merged and they can access each other's memories. While Oscar is reluctant to accept this, Ozpin urges him to go to Mistral to carry out an important task. In Atlas, Weiss is blamed for hurting the Schnees' reputation and, as a result, is confined her to her room and disinherited. In Oniyuri, despite Qrow's warnings to stay back, Ruby joins him in battle. Tyrian grazes him with his stinger. Ruby cuts off the stinger, forcing Tyrian to retreat. By the next morning, the poison from Tyrian's stinger has gotten worse, rendering Qrow immobile.

Blake mends her relationship with Ghira, who comforts her about lashing out at him and staying in the White Fang. Sun accidentally interrupts them to warn Blake about a masked White Fang member in the market. The two notice a spy outside and give chase. Yang and Weiss complete their training and prepare to leave for Mistral. Ren and Nora's past is revealed through a flashback: years ago, Kuroyuri is attacked by Grimm, led by a Nuckelavee , and Ren's parents are killed.

Ren's Semblance activates when he sees Nora in danger, which calms him down and hides their presence from the Grimm. Yang prepares to leave, and Taiyang asks if she is going after Ruby or Raven. In Menagerie, Blake confesses to Sun about leaving her friends in fear of them getting hurt. After learning that Ilia's scroll contained Adam's plans to attack Haven, Blake decides that to reclaim the White Fang.

In a post-credits scene, Oscar approaches Qrow in a bar and identifies himself as Ozpin. Qrow returns his cane. As Weiss travels to Mistral, she dreams of a time when she was younger. In a flashback, Weiss trains with Winter to fight multiple Beowolves summoned from Winter's Semblance. When she is nearly defeated, she calls out for Winter, who ends the training. Winter tells her that she will not always be there to rescue her and that she needs to work harder if she wants to leave Atlas. Between the chase, flashbacks of Blake and Ilia's friendship are seen.


In the past, Ilia explains about embracing her identity as a Faunus after the death of her parents. In the present, Ilia intervenes in the chase, and instead of fighting, she helps the White Fang member escape. As Yang travels in Mistral, she reminisces the time before she was to leave for Beacon Academy. In a flashback, she trains Ruby in hand-to-hand combat to make sure she can survive on her own without her weapon. During their training, they are attacked by a large Ursa. Yang defeats it, but she is injured in the process.

Ruby apologizes for not being able to help, but Yang calms her by reminding her that she will always be there for her. The Belladonnas confront the Albains about the information from Ilia's scroll, but they blame Ilia. Blake decides to go public with the information instead. Somewhere in Mistral, a shady man offers to lead Yang to Raven. Weiss' airship is attacked by Lancers, wasp-type Grimm.

She kills their Queen by summoning her Armored Knight, but the damaged airship crashes and she is captured by Raven's tribe. Adam usurps and kills the White Fang's Leader Sienna Khan , ordering the humans be framed for her death. Blake and her parents hold a press conference to persuade the Faunus to help Mistral, but Ilia publicly denounces the Belladonnas as traitors and sways trust in them.

At the bandit camp Yang demands Raven help her get to Ruby with her Semblance. Raven initially refuses, claiming that Ozpin is not to be trusted, but Weiss escapes her confinement with the help of her Armored Knight and reunites with Yang. Not wanting to attract Grimm, Raven agrees to Yang's demands and summons her and Weiss to her tent to tell them what they need to know. Blake and Sun fail to get enough signatures for their petition to save Haven Academy, due to the Faunus in Menagerie wanting to avoid conflict. Despite knowing she will have to face Ilia, Blake hopes to save her from the White Fang.

Meanwhile, Ilia is given orders by the Albains to plan the assassination Blake's parents and bring Blake alive to Adam. Raven explains to Yang and Weiss that she joined Beacon to fight back against other Huntsmen that would pose a threat to her tribe, but lost trust in Ozpin after learning he trained Huntsmen to aid in his fight against Salem.

She shows off her shapeshifting ability as proof and offers Yang a choice to stay with her. Yang and Weiss choose to leave and reunite with Ruby. The kids have a heartfelt reunion over dinner. Later, Yang confronts Ozpin about using magic on Qrow and Raven, who admits he gave them shapeshifting abilities to spy on Salem and the Maidens - as well as being the old man in the story that gave the Maidens their power. He offers them the choice to continue to fight, which they all accept.

Yang is upset when Ruby mentions Blake later in the morning, but Weiss comforts her, asking she trust Blake until she comes back. In Menagerie, Blake receives a note from Ilia to meet with her, but it turns out to be an ambush. Sun rescues Blake from her captors and rushes to help her parents, who are defending their home from White Fang insurgents. Cinder strikes a deal with Raven and Vernal, the Spring Maiden, to help her unlock the relic.

Despite knowing that Salem will have her killed anyway, Raven accepts her offer on the condition she kills Qrow, while secretly planning to take the relic for herself. Blake and Sun defend Ghira from an attack and, while Blake is on her way to look for Kali, she is stopped by Ilia.

When the Albain brothers intervene, Fennec is killed and the Belladonnas and Sun are victorious in their battle. Blake convinces the Faunus of Menagerie that they need to stop Adam and the majority join her, including Ilia. Ruby and the rest of her group meet with Lionheart, where his allegiance to Salem is revealed. Raven, Vernal, Cinder, Emerald, Mercury, and Hazel ambush them, with the latter revealing that the White Fang have also arrived as they prepare to destroy the school.

Jaune attacks Cinder, attempting to avenge Pyrrha's death, but Weiss is impaled by Cinder in the ensuing battle. Hazel becomes enraged learning of Ozpin's presence and fights him to settle an old grudge. Upon entering the vault, Cinder fatally strikes Vernal to steal her powers. However, Raven reveals that she is the real Spring Maiden and prepares to fight Cinder for the Relic. Adam prepares to destroy the school, but Blake arrives with the rest of the Faunus to take him into custody. The giant book of questions and answers. Questions and answers on conversion to Judaism. Epstein, Lawrence J.

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