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How've they been doing? Any account found encouraging or urging users to embrace anorexia, bulimia, or other eating disorders The network has made tags like thinspiration, probulimia, and proanorexica unsearchable. Although this was an enormous step for Instagram, users can still easily find over , graphic photos by searching the tag ana, although it first displays the warning pictured above. Instagram's logic in keeping the tag live is that its pictures will not always be promotional of eating disorders and that they don't want to quash pictures concerned with survivors' experiences and recoveries.

But, like:. While a few photos seem innocuous enough, they're made insignificant when placed beside bloody razors, bruised, stick-thin thighs, and quotes that exhort others not to eat. These sorts of images abound on the application despite the above policy, and other tags, such as thinspire, are still searchable without a disclaimer. It would appear that Instagram largely relies on its users to report disallowed content, which seems ineffectual when the majority of people posting under and searching the ana tag are those looking to perpetuate it.

To find out why, we spoke to a teen running one of Tumblr's most popular pro-anorexia pages.

The ban of certain tags is a solid start, but more needs to be done if Instagram is serious about eradicating the content from its network. Facebook takes threats of self-harm very seriously.

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We remove any promotion or encouragement of Searches for "pro-ana" and "pro-mia" didn't yield any alarming results — in fact, they largely redirected to anti-ED pages. But typing in "thinspo" and "thinspiration" returns a list of pages rife with pictures that are common to eating disorder blogs, like those which fetishize thigh gaps and miniscule waistlines.

It's the most-liked thinspiration page on the site, but avoids language that refers directly to anorexia and bulimia. Instead of advocating starvation, it posts pictures of fruit. Few of the photos of actual people depict disturbingly thin women; abdominal muscles are favored over rib cages. It could be easily and validly be argued that the group's skirting of overtly pro-ED terminology is an insidious tactic used to circumvent Facebook's policy.

However, it also shares images like this:. Facebook actively enforces limitations on pro-eating disorder content and monitors the activity of "diet" groups closely, which seems far more effective in curtailing pro-ED imagery and discussion than the community-driven efforts of other sites.

Only a few truly hardcore thinspiration groups still exist on Facebook, and they're very small. While the site can't control how people use and perceive pictures of gaunt shoulders and stark collarbones, it does an admirable job in remaining aware of, and removing, more extreme expressions of thinspiration. You agree not to post User Content that creates a risk of harm, loss, physical or mental injury, emotional distress, death, disability, disfigurement, or physical or mental illness to yourself, to any other person, or to any animal. Eating Disorder experiences shared by those aged 25 and over.

Serious support for people with all types of eating disorders. Recovery for those who suffer from eating disorders, focused on Living Again! Girls working together to lose weight and inspire eachother.



This is a community for people suffering with eating disorders who are not ready to get help yet. Because we all like to bitch about being hungry. Interact, and get support from people suffering from an eating disorder. Safe place to write about your feelings about your ED. This Community is for anyone with an eating disorder who wants to be thin for summer and for life! Please no Dieters.

#ProAna - Tumblr vs. Logic

Fat is our enemy. Motivation and Inspiration to lose weight. Also join the 30 day challenge!! A picture is worth a thousand words - speak yours. An active, supportive, venting place for ana's and mia's. A pro-ana group for all those wanting help, tips, thinspo and support.

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Pro Ana Mia Tips and Tricks. A safe place for Pro Ana Mia talk.

This community supports all eds, from Anorexia, bulimia to Ednos. I have a eating disorder and I need support. House of Thin a Place for all types of Ednos's! Uncensored community for persons 18 and older with Eating Disorders. This is a support community for real girls with eating disorders.