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The Keepers of the Wellsprings is a clean, epic fantasy series of five books. It tells of the Wellsprings--secret pools of magic revered and fiercely protected by fairy-kind for decades, and the threat they face from ruthless Sorcerers who seek to upend that balance and claim the vast power for their own selfish schemes.

It tells of the Champions of Light: Azaeli Hammerfel, the Paladin, her fairy companion, Flit, and her lifelong friend, Rian, the Mage, who vow to stand against those sorcerous plots in order to ensure that peace, love, and innocence prevail across the Known Lands.


Click here to order your ebook copy of Call of Kythshire! Call of Kythshire. Keepers of the Wellsprings - Book One. All her life, Azaeli Hammerfel trained in swordplay to become a Squire and one day ride off on adventure with her parents, both members of Knights of His Majesty's Elite. When she finally earns the honor, her name is mysteriously left off of the list for the King's Quest.

Her parents and their guild set off without her, but their quest goes awry and ends in tragedy. Determined to unravel the truth about what happened, Azi enlists the help of her best friend Rian. Azi also gains an unlikely friend in Flit, a mysterious fairy from Kythshire who just happens to show up in her bedroom one day. Together, they work to uncover a sinister plot which threatens both the existence of Kythshire and the peace her people have celebrated for generations.

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Azaeli Hammerfel has been named a knight, and is thrilled to be on her first true quest alongside her parents' guild. Their journey to see Prince Eron and his expecting wife safely to Lake Kordelya is shrouded with a sense of impending doom that tests the strength of His Majesty's Elite and the love that Azi and Rian, the Mage, share. When Kythshire's fairies find themselves a target of the same threat, an unlikely champion presents himself. Tib Nullen has had a hard life.

He's just twelve years old, but as a field slave in the Sorcerer-run country of Sunteri, he has seen more toil, loss, and cruelty than anyone should be made to endure.

When tragedy strikes his family, Tib finds himself flung into a plot much bigger than he. In his struggle to make sense of his thoughts, which he fears are not fully his own, he learns he has a greater purpose: to help restore the Wellspring of Sunteri.

Sorcery, Dreamwalking, Necromancy, and mystery fill the plot of Call of Sunteri, the second book of the Keepers of the Wellsprings series. Click here to order your ebook copy of Call of Brindelier! Call of Brindelier.


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